“Wisdom doesn’t have your back, wisdom is your back.”

        —Elsie Spittle

Life can change at any moment, and that’s good news or bad news. Recently, I was moving a couch and my partner pushed a little too hard, and my ankle twisted, I watched it twist, and it did not go well.

I watched my wisdom kick in: there wasn't time to think.

I had my daughter take me to the emergency room, and I got myself taken care of.

While the nurses were taking multiple x-rays of my ankle,  I repeatedly asked if they would x-ray my foot. I was intent on it, but because it wasn’t in the doctor’s orders, they initially refused my request. I could feel in my body that there was something wrong with my foot. And, sure enough, a bone in my foot had been pulled out of place because of a ligament tear.

As my foot and ankle heal,  I’ve gotten to experience humble pie. I’ve watched my ability to move easily through the world come to a screeching halt. Now, anything I have to do is with great difficulty and has to be assisted by other people.

I see that if I don’t think a lot about it, I just have a broken foot with a sprained ankle and nothing else. If I don’t get into my stories or in my head about it, that is all there is. When I relax, I know the universal intelligence will do what it’s supposed to do, and I will move towards healing if I let myself.

This experience has shown me that things can change in an instant: maybe your business is struggling — in an instant you could have an insight that creates a new opportunity.  We could be in a strained relationship and suddenly have an understanding to see the circumstances completely differently, bringing more intimacy.  All that needs to happen is quietly listen for wisdom.

If you’d like for something to change in an instant for the better, call me. I’d love to guide you towards it. I’d love to show you how to use your own wisdom.