Greatest Pain = Greatest Gifts

Greatest Pain = Greatest Gifts

I have an energetic system that creates the belief I am not enough -- not smart enough, pretty enough, rich enough, special enough, successful enough, or lovable enough. The list goes on. This has been a constant source of pain and suffering for me. In fact, I’ve spent the last 25 years constantly looking for ways to fix myself.

I’ve been living by the belief that only the right tool, technique, or program will truly make me a better person.

This approach just hasn’t worked.

Then I met Donald Epstein, healing and wellness expert, trainer, and author. Donald advised me,

“Instead of fighting this energetic system, try just accepting the fact that your energy is going to feel ‘not enough’”. Further, he counseled, once I accept this reality, I am in a position to transform it into my greatest gift.

Accept the idea of not being good enough? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE CRAZY.

Sitting with “not being enough” is not what I call super fun. It is what I’ve been trying to fix and move away from.

Then I remembered Aikido, which I’ve been practicing for 12 years. Aikido is based on accepting another person’s energy. If someone is attacking me, I accept the energy, flow with it, and then transform it. If it can work on an Aikido mat with another person, it can work with myself as well.

The key is acceptance.

Donald Epstein was right. It is so much easier and peaceful just to accept this energetic system of ‘not enough’. By fully accepting it, I now see that I can truly help others.

I can help others be enough. I can help others succeed, create wealth, be smart and feel love. When I do this for others, I am blessed to feel enough for a few moments. Quite wonderful, I must say!

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