Sales: an Inside Job

Sales: an Inside Job

Every once in a while I work with someone who specifically wants to work on improving their sales. I have been in sales for over 25 years and I still resist fully marketing this offer. I play the hokey pokey with my sales offer. I put one foot in and then I take it out. When I say that I am a sales coach and do sales training, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. Probably because at some level, I dislike salespeople as much as everyone else.

When I have taught my sales course and I ask what is the first thing people think of when they think of a salesperson, here are the responses I get:

  • "Salespeople are sleazy"
  • "Salespeople are pushy"
  • "Salespeople only care for the money"
  • "You can't trust a salesperson"

When I search for movie clips about salespeople I find “Always be Be Closing,” a movie clip from GlenGarry Glen Ross, plus a few others that make my skin crawl. For fun, take a look at “Always Be Closing.”

These beliefs and images of salespeople are what keeps me hesitant about putting energy behind my sales offer. I really don’t want to be a part of the sales culture that exists in our current economy.

The thing is, I am playing a different game of sales. I don’t teach tips and techniques. I do not believe in manipulating or convincing potential clients. I don’t put my attention on the client or the market. This is an external approach to sales.

My approach to sales is from an internal perspective. What does that mean? An internal perspective means I develop and focus on where we have the most power: on ourselves. My focus with my clients is to develop their power of self awareness. I teach my clients to become aware of their beliefs, their automatic reactions, their values and their gifts. I teach my clients to trust themselves and how they show up in their highest self in each moment and how we can make a difference with everyone we interact with. I teach my clients to show up with integrity, authenticity and power with their clients. I teach my clients how to be present with themselves and their clients.

I also teach my clients the hard true facts of sales, like 50% of your time needs to be in specific sales-related activities, and that it takes 5-12 times following up before a client buys from you. I also provide solid structures to my clients, like having a tracking system and an elevator pitch that gets clients interested.

The clients who do work with me and play my game of sales experience tremendous results. Thier close ratios always increase, they make more money, they have loyal clients who are happy to refer them and they have much more fun in sales. I have one client who started working with me in January of this year and increased her business by 450% in six months. Another client thought she couldn’t possibly make any more money because she was working 60 hours a week already. She doubled her income and is working 40 hours a week and finally taking vacation. I also recently helped a client win a twenty million dollar investment for his business.

In addition, my clients have found that the work we do around sales applies to other areas of their lives. Their relationships with their vendors, teammates, and loved ones improve. They become much more confident and secure. Life becomes easier.

I like my game of sales so much more.

If you would like to play a new game of sales, please feel free to call me at 510-919-2254.

Yes talking on the phone - old school.