I am having a love affair with clarity. What I love about clarity is that it applies to all areas of life:  health, finances, relationships, work, and where you live.

Clarity has a certain feeling. The best I can use to describe it the feeling is an open, calm spaciousness. A knowing & a well-being. It’s the quality of ease to be able to have vision and ideas in sharp focus.

The problem we often run into in regard to clarity is a similar phenomenon to a frog boiling — as my colleague Julie Stuart puts it. Our thoughts and feelings start so subtly and before we know it, we are caught in them and no longer in clarity. Our thoughts can make us afraid, scared, insecure and worried. Unless we are really tuned in to energy we won’t know it, like a frog boiling in hot water, it doesn’t know what is happening until it’s too late.

What our minds like to do is paint a picture of the future. Whatever that picture is, we start living it; and because of that we won’t move forward because we feel worried and insecure. A good practice is to pay attention to how we feel. Do we have that feeling of clarity? — and not move forward until we have that. It’s a natural feeling that we don’t have to try to accomplish: clarity is what is there when we peel back the layers of our thinking.  

Become aware of when we are “future thinking”. If we can see that it’s simply thinking, it doesn’t matter as much.

If you have an area of your life that you’d like to get clarity on please give me a call. It’s my new favorite topic!