Opening Up To My Pain

Opening Up To My Pain

Happy May!

I hope this email finds you well. I just returned from a one day event with Richard Rudd. The creator of the Gene Keys. One of his key messages is to bring love where there is no love.

This message makes me weep. I practiced Aikido for 13 years and received my black belt. Morihei Ueshiba, the creator of Aikido, saw that when someone was attacking you they were hurting. The power was to transform their pain with love.

For the past 20 years, I learned to open up and transform my pain. Where I learned how to do this was through my relationships. The relationship that has had the biggest impact was the one with my daughter.  This human being challenged me in a way that had me experience new depths of my pain and fear.  

As a child my daughter struggled and would come to me. Then, it looked like she was coming after me with her rage.  At first I wanted to run away. Then I wanted to ‘fix’ her.

Through my work with Aikido and with understanding of the Three Principles, which shows me where my experience comes from, I realized it wasn't her who had the issue, it was me. I was scared of my pain. Over time, I learned to open up and trust my pain, to see the beauty and intelligence in it. My pain is what makes me human. I learned how to be curious, gentle and tender with it. I saw that when I opened up to the pain it transformed into love on its own. There wasn’t much I had to do.  

Now when my daughter comes to me with her pain, I am able to be open and present with her.

I may get grabbed for a second or two but, I am able to come back to open hearted more quickly now.

The gift of every relationship is the opportunity to transform our pain. When clients are struggling with someone else, I know that they have a part of themselves that is hurting that the other person has touched. Once the person can be with their own pain, the relationship transforms.

I realize that this is the most uninviting sales pitch ever, but it is the truth.

If you would like to open up to your pain in a compassionate, tender, gentle space,  please reach out to me. I know that once you open up to your pain and allow it, your relationships and your life will transform. You will experience greater freedom and more love than you can imagine.

Here is a link to my calendar if this touches you.