Thinking and Believing

Thinking and Believing

I used to be scared. This fear had me pushing like a freight train going up a mountain. Sparks and smoke flew off of me and burnt the people I loved. I pushed like a wild woman because I thought I was alone. It looked like there was nothing backing me. My father had died, and my mother was supported by the goodwill and generosity of my brothers. The man I married was sick. I believed I was alone, and it was up to me to feed and care for my family.

Today, I am content. A deep sense of peace is where I live from now. I know I am not alone. I have become still like a lake, who can tell when a dragonfly touches down and then lifts off.

I attribute this deep sense of peace to two things. The first is understanding where my experience comes from. I came across a beautiful understanding called the Three Principles. Sydney Banks, the man who had an enlightening experience, showed me that I do not experience my circumstance, I experience my thinking around them. For example, I can have my employee quit. The employee quitting is neutral. What I think about is what I will experience. If I am sad that she is leaving, then I will be sad. If I am angry when she quits, I will feel anger. My thinking creates my experience.

The second thing I attribute to my deep sense of peace is my experience of taking medicine. I was introduced to Bufo in February of this year. Sydney Banks said we were all made of love. He said this eternal energy he called Mind is also known as God. I believed it intellectually, but I didn’t realize it. The Medicine Bufo, called the god molecule, had me experience what Syndey Bakes spoke of. I felt all of my light and love. I felt God. I see every day that this love is inside of me, and it guides me. Just as Syndey Banks said, When my mind quiets, I will feel the love inside of me. I feel the presence of something large supporting me and guiding me.

I am humbled to feel such a deep sense of peace. I want to share with others how they work and have them experience the truth of who they are. It is so beautiful.

If you would like to experience greater peace, please reach out. It would be an honor to remind you.