What do You Love to Do?

What do You Love to Do?

What do you love to do?

What do you do that when you do it, you find yourself lost in the doing of it?

What do you love to do that when you do it, you find yourself not thinking and you feel peaceful and happy?

What is funny is we think it is the thing that we are doing that makes us so happy, when really what it is, is that we love the thing we are doing. Love appears when there is no thinking. Yep I said it. Will say it again. Love appears when there is no thinking!!!

We just don’t notice that we have stopped thinking when we are doing the activity that we love. We give credit to the external event. We are not aware of what is really happening.

For this Valentine's Day, I invite you to notice when you are doing something you love, that you stop thinking. When we stop thinking, love shows up. Or as Jonny Lang & Joss Stone sang so beautifully, “Love Comes to Town.”

This month, I am sharing my blog about love. I came to realize after a recent automobile accident that I need to start bringing more love to my life. If you knew me, you would know: I really love, love. I love people and I love life. Life is a gift. I have learned the power of love and what it does. I really want to bring more love to life. I think with the recently-elected President, we may need love right now, more than ever.

For the love of love, I want you to know about a class that I love, taught by a woman I study, teach and have fun with, Julie Gleeson. Her class is called “One Solution Conversations.” Julie is a student and teacher of “The Three Principles.” Simply put, this class is transformative. To learn more about the class and to sign up, please click here:; and for more about Julie, here: Next class: February 16.

On March 3, I am offering my class “Master your Energy — Master your Life” This class is intended to teach people how to bring their richest energy, a.k.a. to love to do everything they do, and watch the richness of life appear.

To register for this class click here:

Enjoy the music I have shared and may you feel your love!

That’s amore

Since it is February, I thought I would be rather cliche and write about love. It is actually my favorite thing to write about, talk about, watch on a screen, listen to and to just plain old feel. As Robert Palmer so beautifully said “You might as well face it, you’re addicted to love.” It is true, I am.

I think we really don’t understand love. I think this culture thinks of love mostly in terms of romantic love, or familial love. These are wonderful, beautiful expressions of love. What I am talking about is the energy of love.

Love has a certain feeling in the body. It is open, expansive, warm and inclusive. Love brings out curiosity, kindness, compassion, beauty, creativity, dignity, acceptance and generosity. Love allows a situation to be seen clearly.

Love is one of those things you can’t understand. It is not of the mind. Love is bigger than our thinking. Love is what we are without our thinking. When we experience love — wow, wow, wow.

I have watched and experienced people bring love to their work and I have seen magic happen. I have tasted the food of someone who loves to cook and have been brought to tears by the exquisiteness of the taste. I have been stopped in my tracks listening to an interview on a topic I could care less about, but because I heard the love the person had for what they did, I couldn’t turn away.

I had a CPA, Robert Carothers, who passed away several years ago. He was about 70 years old and loved to work. He loved what he did and loved the people he did it for. I would walk into his office feeling scared and embarrassed and walk out feeling like a queen. Not because of anything he really said or did. It was his love.

What I have learned is that when someone brings the energy of love to any situation, watch out! The situation transforms. If there is a perceived problem and someone brings love, there is no more problem. When someone follows the work they love, it works out. Not in the way the mind thinks, but it works out.

Why does this happen? I believe it is because love is unbound energy. When energy is unbound, things flow, move with ease.

Now the challenge is, how do you do that?

Well for that, you will have to call me. 510-919-2254.