Inviting You Into Clarity

Inviting You Into Clarity

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

Yesterday, I spent the day with a friend.  We drove out to Limantour Beach in Point Reyes.

On the way there, I had a call with a potential client who wanted to change her career. For three years, she has read books, spoken to friends and therapists, and could not make the change she desired.

After the call, my friend recapped the conversation in a way I loved. She told me I help my clients get clear. She could hear the person caught in the eddy of their thinking, but I did not go there with them. I stood in clarity and invited her to be with me.

It is what I do. I help people find clarity. I love clarity because it is simple. It is like opening a kitchen drawer,  seeing all the contents, and grabbing what you need.

I understand what gets in the way of clarity. It is overthinking.  Overthinking is like stuffing so much stuff  into a drawer and then never finding what you want.

After working with me, my client's mind lets things go. They free up space and can discern what matters to them.  

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