Happy March

Happy March

For the last thirty minutes, I have binged-watched “Kennedy Center Honors” programs on YouTube. I got caught in a vortex of beauty and magic.  If you get a moment, check out one of my favorites,  Heart Performing “Stairway to Heaven.

The genius of people takes my breath away from these shows. The performer’s genius in this video is visible. But what is not visible is the other people who have contributed their gifts to make this happen.

I love discovering, witnessing, and bringing to light my client's genius. My new love of the Gene Keys helps me see their genius much easier. The Gene Keys synthesize practical wisdom that helps me understand my clients and their true potential.  It feels like I am cheating. I open a client profile, and my breath gets caught in my chest. Tears form in my eyes. I am taken away by the beauty I see. It is like I have been given a shortcut to see someone’s beautiful soul and the struggles they have to face as a human.

My study with the Gene Keys has given me a deep trust in myself and my life. I see that these struggles allow gifts to emerge. For example, I have the shadow of struggle in my life's purpose. It means I struggle a whole lot in life. When I struggle, it feels like I am wearing a straight jacket and can’t get out. Yet these struggles allow me to persevere. They allow me to grow and expand.

The gift of knowing our genius is that we get to share it. We touch the lives of others and make life richer. Just like the singers on stage improved my life, so did the musicians, the lighting directors, the people who captured the music, the people who created YouTube, the people who maintained the storage, and the internet providers. I hope you see that we all have gifts, and when we share them, life is better.

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