Loving the Fallow Period

Loving the Fallow Period

We as humans naturally fight against letting go. We fight extraordinarily hard to avoid loss. But what if there was a gift in loss? What if underneath the barrenness of loss there was a profound newness waiting? This blog is about that. 

As a Coach, I am blessed with the opportunity to step into peoples lives and know them at an intimate and profound level. Unsurprisingly, deep relationship forms during the work and breakthroughs are made. One of the greatest challenges I am faced with during this wonderful process is the inevitable ‘end.’  When the natural process of completion takes place and the work has been finished, I am left with the painful process of saying goodbye to someone I care deeply about.

The human in me feels deeply saddened, to know that the day-to-day interactions and how I will know my client will change. The love and admiration still live on but the manner in which I interact changes course dramatically.

 It is almost like I have been involved within a mini-series of life and suddenly 5 minutes in the screen goes black, the credits role and the producers say we are cutting the show.  

As a Coach, this is all part of it.  But how does one honor the emotion of loss and the subsequent void that follows?

The tendency is to want to fill the hole, to replace the loss with anything new and abstain from the fallow ground at all costs. I am going to say something a bit radical here. I advise you to do just the opposite. In fact, I advocate for you to sit with the loss. Understand that, yes, there is an empty space. But realize from a fundamental area; something must always come from nothing. Two seeds cannot grow in one spot on the ground. The farmer cannot plant new crops on an already filled ground.  What if the void was an opportunity for something more powerful to come in? And if rushed, what if it paled in comparison to the rightful energy that was to come in? 

We let the ground be fallow, barren, and inactive- but for a PURPOSE. So that a deep newness can, not only arise but a flourish in its right and natural way.

 It is a time to self-reflect and to dive deeper into what did and didn’t work.

It's an answer that will come in time. It is something to meditate with.

Losing a lover, a job, a sale—in essence, it is all the same experience. 

Once in awhile, it is okay to find yourself on fallow ground. We lose things. It is a part of how this beautiful world works.

If you can't let go, you cannot grab onto something new.

Energy cannot be destroyed or created. But you can be mindful of what you let into the space. What new project do you want to let in? What new, even greater joy do you want to experience? 

Let the power of patience and the grace of surrendering be your guide when you find yourself here. Embrace the loss and let what is to come flow. 

If you are in the place of loss and would like to have some guidance or support please feel free to reach out to me.