Live and Act from Good Feelings

Live and Act from Good Feelings

New Year's is the time when we create new intentions and make resolutions.

This year, I am taking on the intention: To live from and act when I have a good feeling. Having a good feeling, to me, is the signal that I am connected to source. Source for some people may be called God, for others it may be called spirit or universal energy.

When I am experiencing this good feeling and am connected to source, magic happens.

It is in this place that I have access to wisdom. The right people seem to show up at the right time, I say the thing that needs to be said and the thing or solution I need seems to show up just at the right time. Life becomes effortless — and way more enjoyable.

What I have learned about this good feeling is that it is innate in myself and in all humans. What blocks me from my innate well-being is my thinking. To me, my thinking is like a dark grey fog blocking the sunlight.

It is like this picture below, which I took this morning while I was hiking in the redwoods (as I do about five mornings a week).

This was the sunrise:

The fog and rain were blocking the sun. This did not mean that the sun was not there. It was just that I couldn’t see it.

Like the fog, my thinking blocks my innate well-being and my access to wisdom. For years I have worked so hard to get to this innate well-being. I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal development courses. I have meditated, centered, listened to and read hundreds of books, thought positive thoughts, watched films that were inspiring and had hundreds of hours of bodywork to help return me to this place.

When I became down or upset I would really engage my mind. I would put thinking on top of thinking. I would analyze what emotion was I feeling or avoiding, what was true for me, what soul lesson was I supposed to learn. Now I know that I really don’t have to do anything.

What I do now is notice that I have thought and that thinking causes emotions. That is all. The thinking has carried me away from my place of innate well-being. If I notice it, my innate well-being will right itself and come back to a peaceful, open, kind state without me having to do anything. It is similar to a cut healing. It will do it on its own. The best thing for me to do is not a thing. To relax and let my well-being right itself.

I have to tell you, this is still all so new to me and I am testing it. (As I mentioned, I am a recovering personal development junkie.) Much to my dismay — and reluctant delight — it is really working. Even while part of me is like, “What do you mean I don’t have to do anything? It will right itself?”

One night, not long ago, I got myself into a thought-storm at 1:00 a.m. about a perceived financial problem. I could not sleep. After three hours of serious thinking and trying every skill I have ever learned to calm myself down, I remembered that I have innate well-being and that if I just relax, I would return to balance.

Sure enough, soon after I had that thought I fell asleep peacefully.

I could give you numerous examples, but what I suggest is that you try it for yourself. The next time you notice you are stressed or upset, notice that you are having the human phenomenon of thinking and emotions. That’s it. Simply say to yourself, “I have thinking.”

If you notice it and do nothing else, you will return to your innate well-being.

If you would like to learn more about this concept, please feel free to call me. I love talking about this. It helps me maintain my good feeling, which is my goal for 2017!!!

My number is 510-919-2254.