Is The Party Over?

Is The Party Over?

Once in a while I have an executive who comes to work with me because they have built a company and the party's over.

They feel pressured, burdened and overwhelmed. They find themselves waking up in the middle of the night with their minds swirling like a washing machine with the responsibilities soaked into their psyches. They have tried to get the spots out, but they seemed stained for good.

When these clients come to me I share with them a simple understanding. I share The Three Principles. This gets the stains out every time.

First the understanding of the Three Principles point to the fact their career is not creating the pressure, burden and overwhelm. This experience is generated from my clients own invisible thoughts. If the thoughts stop, the experience stops. This happens when my clients are on a bike ride, a run or a swim in the ocean. They may not notice it, but it is what happens. The thoughts are quieting. They may pick up the backpack of overwhelm once they are done with their activity but once they begin to notice this, they can let the pack stay on the ground.

The second thing this understanding gives my clients is the power to tap into their own wisdom. Once their thinking has quieted down they begin to see the simple solutions that present themselves on a moment-to-moment basis for whatever they are faced with.

For example, they may be met with a shortfall of payroll and on a simple walk around the block an idea will come to them how to meet the gap. They may have a partner that they have struggled with for years and in a conversation with a friend they hear a solution. They begin to see and trust the simple wisdom flowing through them.

It seems so simple. It is. That is the challenge. It is simple. This understanding brings ease to your life. Even if you are the CEO of a company. It allows you to enjoy the party of what you built again.

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