Accessing Power

Accessing Power

I realize that I have been  interested in power most of my life. What is power? How do we have it?

I’ve come to learn that power is about listening to the truth inside of us and acting on it.

When we truly listen to ourselves, and use our deep knowing to move through the world, we have the most power.

All humans we possess this internal knowingness: what comes before thought that we know is true. I would love people to understand this and know how to access this knowing because it’s what makes life much more fun and easy.

As human beings we get a feeling of something we know to be true, and if we listen to it, even if the culture doesn’t like it, it’s what’s true for us. It’s like knowing what flavors you like at the ice cream store.

When we listen to our own wisdom and act on it, that is power. Sometimes the action is stepping up and saying our truth, sometimes it’s quitting a job, sometimes it’s saying, “I love you.” How do we listen to that feeling and then act?

The trick is that everything comes from love — that's where power starts.

Find your power by bringing universal love and curiosity to any situation.