Defining ourselves: What if we don’t know if we are lovable?

Defining ourselves: What if we don’t know if we are lovable?

This post is written with the upmost vulnerability. I felt called to open up to share my inner most thoughts. What showed up was a massive realization. All my life, I have been repeatedly asking myself questions, questions that have had the power to define me: Am I worthwhile? And ultimately, am I loveable?

I realized that these tiny yet mighty questions have appeared and whispered to me when I experienced a strong negative emotional “Am I worth it?” “Am I loveable?” Do I matter?” They have rocked at my foundation and caused me to go into overdrive; meaning if I don’t do more, I don’t feel loveable.  If I am not somehow pushing myself to the brink than, I am not good enough.

Ego and pride wouldn’t want this to be admitted outwardly, but I can say with confidence a universal truth. Wanting to be included by others, and wanting to feel important to the world and the others that inhabitant it, is part of what makes us living human beings. The desire to know that we are worth loving is a collective yearn we all can attest to.

The caveat?

These self-defining questions that have unimagined power to shape how we feel about ourselves are a deception.

The reality to believe in one moment that you are not worthy of love is a fallacy, and yet unfortunately it’s how so many of us operate our lives out of.  We think that the answer to self-importance and acceptance is outside ourselves. I’m here to tell you that when it comes down to our true nature, the energy of who we all are, it is inside ourselves: love, kindness, gratitude, and it is all absolutely powerful.

It is our thinking that gets in the way, our cyclical thoughts that tear us away from the loving energy that we were created from and embody just by living.

So how do we silence theses debilitating questions and how do we experience ourselves in our true nature?

We feel it. We step away from thinking our way out of problem that arise and we let the energy of our souls’ truth take over. Thinking, for all the good it does us, has a dark side-it’s insidious. You can’t see it operating, but it is there, all the time, and if our “thoughts,” are stronger than our ability to feel the energy of our souls design, we can become trapped in it.

How do we do this? How do we feel and move from our unique places of truth?

First, we follow what we love, what we are drawn to, what makes our blood come alive. Secondly, we trust that feeling-beyond doubt and beyond possible discomfort and we understand that what you love will never misguide you.

When you look to nature-the proof of this message is there. The flower does not grow out of need or worry or judgment, it flourishes into its’ beauty because that is what it was designed to do. What it was put on this Earth to do. Leaving the rest of us to succumb to its beauty.

You are that flower.

Every being on this earth is apart of this big magical universe, we might not understand all of it, but we are all valid. We are all loveable and worthwhile. Underneath all the thinking, we are all just fully love.


Freedom, yes I’m being cliché. I am finally free of the belief that I am not worthwhile. This is the most vulnerable newsletter to put out there. I grew up with 5 brothers; I thought something was wrong with me. I was always searching ways to feel like I “fit in.”

Now I understand the power of who I am through my womanhood.  I wish I could have understood this earlier. I hope for more young women to feel and understand their worth earlier.  We live in a culture where women are still not valued. We are paid less, treated inferior by some of our leaders and in some societies deemed unworthy. There are wonderful men who honor and revere us, and I’d like to encourage more of that. But ultimately, I want woman to understand and step into their power. That in that unshakeable power lays their freedom.

If you would like to be free from limiting beliefs and step into your own power, there is only one thing left for you to do. Call me.