There is a Pony in all of the Manure!!!

There is a Pony in all of the Manure!!!

Have you ever had one of those really bad days, where everything seems to not be working? On October 31, I had one of those days. Many things appeared not to be going my way that day. I lost two clients, my eye glasses broke, I was told I needed a new roof on my house, I learned we miscalculated my son’s tuition and owed an extra eight thousand dollars, I received a much higher bill for an auto accident than expected and I was told that I needed emergency in surgery for a detached retina and had 24 hours to fast and organize my life.

The last one was the kicker. Yet it is now November 30 and it all seems to be working out.

This is what I have learned, TRUST LIFE!!!!

I lost two clients and I had three new referrals and an additional client renewing paying for the initial payment of the hospital bill as well as the auto accident.

I figured out a way to pay the short tuition and am working on getting a low interest loan to cover the funds.

When I went into Warby Parker on the 31st to buy a new pair of glasses. An employee happened to have this special black tape for his halloween costume and could fix my glasses in such a way that I did not look like a complete dork. This was critical for me. For as a child, I was so embarrassed and scarred by my mother who used to tape her broken glasses to her head with band aides.

As for the surgery it gave me so many gifts that I am still trying to understand them. One is I see how completely blessed and loved I am. I live in a country where I have access to great medical care and was operated by Dr. Scott Lee who happens to be an expert in my condition and studies buddhism and Aikido.Two of my favorite things. Best of all my retina is attached and I will regain my vision.

I realized how blessed and loved I am by so so many people. I had a friends who came to put drops in my eye, pick up food for my daughter, bring me the best chicken soup in the world. I had Dr. K from Sojourn Wellness make a house call to bring me vitamins to boost my system for healing. I had Claudia Venn from Venn Acupuncture make house calls to help me heal. I had my BNI networking group chip in have meals made by the Heirloom Chef for my family. I had clients that would bring me dinner and drive my carpool as well as my daughter to her workout. I had family bring dinners and help with my daughter to comfort her while I was in surgery. I had a loving friend take me to Warby Parker to get the new glasses, be with me while in surgery and the first 24 hours and take me to every follow up appointment so I had consistent ears listening to the doctor. This friend also helped me be with and transform the intense pain I felt in my left shoulder. ( My shoulder was in so much pain because I had to lay on my left side for 6 days.) How he helped me transform the pain was by feeling it. A true Aikido master. Enter into the attack. SO GRATEFUL AND SO BLESSED. THANK YOU.

The other gift I received was the insight about health and thinking. I realized that the best thing I could do for my eye was stop thinking about it let the intelligence of my body do its job. Yes I ate super nutrient food, good extra support and layed on my side faithfully. And I did not have any thought or worry. I let my body do its job. I was told that I was going to be laying down for two week. Nope. I was able to get up and move after a week. If we get our thinking out of the way life will work out. SO GRATEFUL AND BLESSED.

So I haven’t figured out the roof and extra medical bills yet. BUT I AM TRUSTING LIFE!!!

I highly recommend trusting life!!! If you would like to learn how to trust life, please feel free to give me a call. I believe there is a pony in all the manure. I know I found a massive pony in my manure.