The Power of Nothing

The Power of Nothing

When I sit down in my office to write my newsletter each month my intention is to share something that is useful to people. I feel like we all are receiving so much information that we really don’t need more information. What we really need is more space and time. So why write a newsletter? Yet, here I am, typing away, wanting to share something.

I am noticing my head chiming in with all of these bright clever ideas. And I know not to listen to them. I know that these ideas are just more information. These ideas will fall into the cluttered junk drawer of our minds. I sit quietly, waiting for that moment of inspiration. Where I can feel the idea come to me and feel that spark.

Nothing is coming.

So this month, I am sharing nothing.

I have no brilliant idea. Nothing to offer. Yet, I know that this is perfect. I know that nothing is as valid as something.

I know that when nothing comes, that I am ok. It is not really the time to share anything. People have what they need.

I know that nothing is sacred.

The space of nothing is where infinite possibilities live. I know that when I sit in nothing, and give it space and time, something will grow. Something magical and beautiful. Something way more powerful than what my intellect could create. I know that from nothing is where all of my best ideas will come. People often say this is the space of creativity.

I know that when I am struggling with a person or a situation, or when I am facing a problem or a challenge, I have to let go of all of my ideas and go to this nothing place, and let it inform me.

This place will show me the way of reconnecting. This space will show me the way back to love.

It will always give me the next step or the path out.

I used to go the opposite direction of nothing. I would go to the junkyard of thought to find my missing pearl. I would be lost for hours at a time, trying to find my solution. It was as if I was lost in a forest and I was continually running around in a circle, hoping to find my way out.

Now I know when I am stuck, overwhelmed, struggling, or lost, that these are clear — and I mean very clear — signals that I have to leave the realm of my intellect and return to nothing. Here I will find what I am looking for. This space of nothing is like I have a magic genie living inside of me.

So this month, I invite you to get curious and interested in the space of nothing. What does nothing feel like? What are the qualities of nothing?

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