4 Essential Energies Needed to Make a Breakthrough

4 Essential Energies Needed to Make a Breakthrough

In a deep sense of you, there is a knowing that something is yearning to come to life.

You catch the truth you’re seeking on the edge of dreams and yet the road to achieve it is covered in a fog of uncertainty and doubt. And yet, you yearn. You wonder, you hope, you wish…

I’m here to tell you that that ‘thing,’ that lifestyle, job, relationship, is waiting for you and that road you see so covered in mist is just a veil wanting to be removed by your own powerful energy. But which energies and how can I harness them to work with you?

Enter the Four Essential Energies to Make a Breakthrough:

Curiosity, Uncertainty, Surrender to Failure, Tenacity and Determination

Number 1. Curiosity.

The first energy you need is curiosity. At the current moment the things you know aren’t enough, like wishing to pick up a heavy weight but not having had built the muscle for it yet. The desire, the wish, it’s there. But the catalyst, the ability, isn’t quite up to speed with the former.  To make a breakthrough you have to get yourself from point A to point B; you have to build the muscle of the hand that then lifts the weight. So how do you get to that mysterious intoxicating moving/shaking point B? It’s simpler than you think.

Have the courage and Curiosity to ask yourself these questions:

How could I make a breakthrough? What could I do different that would allow me to make a breakthrough?  How could I feel differently that would allow me to make a breakthrough? How do I know I could make a breakthrough? And you wait and be still until you hear something new, something that doesn’t ring to the same frequency you having been tuning into at point A.

Number 2. Uncertainty

To make a breakthrough it is necessary to be with the energy of uncertainty and surrender to not knowing. How? Dive in and experience it. Notice with laser focus how your body feels in the feeling of uncertainty, become aware of it and, get used to moving forward in that space. This is where the power lies. Giving ‘I don’t know’ (uncertainty) a rich and wondrous meaning, so that ‘I don’t know’ is transformed into a charged and sparkling phrase. A phrase that gives life, rather, than a sense of hollow doubt. Why? Because it is the lifeblood of revolution. If the belief held is ‘I don’t know’ is dangerous, then you will shy away from it. The body will not let danger be done. It will come up with all the reasons why it (breakthrough) won’t work. And you, reader, will stay absolutely safe, but oh so absolutely where you are.

Number 3. Surrender to Failure

Just like the seed of the tree that has burnt down, dares to rise again after its ashy demise, you too must be willing to rise again and again even with the possibility of utter failure looming on the horizon.  Be not only willing to fail, but open to surrendering to it. With wisdom remind yourself that you are still irrevocably safe and this will undoubtedly propel you to your highest self. For example, I want to lose weight & I start to track my calories but then I fall of the wagon. I have an interview and I don’t get the role.

All these experiences by society standards would chalk up to a “negative.” But, what about nature’s standards? Are we not beings congruent with this Earth? When a tree burns to the ground does a small fearless seed not sprout again? Rejection, letdowns, and failures; it’s the meaning we give it in our minds. I’m here to tell you there is a vast untapped power within you that understands that failure doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Granted it is not always a comfortable experience, but, if you could see that failure is one step closer to knowing you would embrace it and be fearless in its’ wake.

Number 4. Tenacity and Determination.

This fourth quality requires a different type of energy. It is a culmination of when curiosity, embracing uncertainty and tolerating failure all come together; determination. To harness this energy….think of the mother who sees their kid sick and does whatever to get there. There is no other way, there is no out, there is only solution, and you will get it done. Like the apprentice in martial arts, she cannot “try,” to break a board, only in the space of determination will the board split. In the arena of determination, new ways to make it work will arise. Be effortlessly open to what comes up and commit to following your soul’s call.

These four essential energies are waiting to be utilized by you. When the road you are on becomes hazy and you feel lost in the fog, let these energies be your illuminating map; ask new questions, change the meaning of uncertainty, flourish in failure, and stay rooted in your purpose.