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In 20 years of coaching, I’ve been fortunate to work with an amazing array of clients. Most are entrepreneurs and executives. Most have experienced the highs and lows of success – the joyful wins and painful losses. But no matter what they do or have accomplished in their careers, they all share one common trait: they sense they’re meant for something more.

Many of my clients have tried other avenues to uncover what’s behind that feeling. They’ve signed on for business coaching, leadership training, talk therapy. But while the work is informative, it’s largely an intellectual exercise that leaves them feeling unfulfilled.

That’s why I approach coaching differently. In two decades of working with hundreds of high-achievers, I know from experience they’re driven by results. I begin my program with a private, retreat-style intensive designed for impact. It’s a proven approach that leads to breakthroughs in understanding yourself, your purpose and your power to achieve your goals.

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Coaching from the Inside Out

While many coaches guide you through a set of steps or a predetermined action plan, my intensive coaching program starts at the soul level. My process is based on the philosophy that we all carry the wisdom of the universe inside of us. When you develop the awareness and skills to access that wisdom, you learn to guide your own way through life.

And here’s the best part: When you can access the answers that already live within you, you eliminate the need for external validation and accountability. It’s about learning to live from the inside out.

Our work is about results.

It’s designed for people who are ready to open up and get to solutions quickly. We begin with an intensive that’s structured to bring about immediate action and change. In our initial engagement, we take big steps to clear out and move forward. Our work starts with self-discovery and an assessment of your connection with your inner wisdom.

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Your Inner Wisdom

Discover the difference between your universal intelligence and personal thinking. Release yourself from overthinking and unleash your truest self.

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Tap into
your truth

Reveal your soul’s design and learn to trust the universal intelligence within you. Discover how it feels to make decisions from a place of both peace and power.

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Connect to your inner power and take action to live according to your soul’s design. Use this wisdom to advance your personal and professional goals at any stage of life and business.

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Our work begins with a one- to three-day intensive retreat focused on impact – and entirely on you. It’s designed to help you tap into your truth to gain absolute clarity about your gifts and purpose – and understand how to experience universal love.

Depending upon your location preferences, our sessions will take place at my office in the Oakland redwoods or at a nearby retreat center. I’m also available to meet you at the retreat location of your choice. (Beach retreats are always an option!)



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Private coaching builds on your experience from our intensive. It provides important, ongoing support for continued self-discovery and acts as a catalyst to put your unique design into action. One-on-one coaching helps you expand beyond what you believed was possible and pursue new directions for your life and your career.

Our sessions are customized to your specific needs and take place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, in person, via phone or video call.

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Empowered employees are engaged employees. Through group coaching and workshops, I apply the Three Principles approach to coaching to help organizations empower their employees to drive results. My custom workshops can be designed to your specifications and goals and delivered onsite or at the location of your choice.

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Know Your Purpose

A one day retreat and two follow up sessions to discover and deepen your purpose in life. This event is led by Anna Scott, & Molly Lynch, www., We are using the GeneKeys as the platform and diving into the rich world of each person. The Gene Keys is a grand synthesis of practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential.

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Is there one person you’d like a better relationship with?

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The Essence of Work

Now more than ever we hear from people who are losing their jobs and are relieved. They long for work that matters or to know they are essential. And yet, along with the relief, is a concern that they are too something (old, unskilled, unqualified, unclear) to find work in this time of everything being so topsy-turvy. And what of the people who can’t work virtually? Or are laid off with no idea what to do next? As the old proverb goes, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

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Listening 2 Wisdom

What if the world hasn’t changed? What if there is a place deep within all of us that is completely untouched, unbreakable and calm—a place of wisdom. Join us for an hour-long group conversation led by a team of transformational Life Coaches from California, Utah, New York, the UK and Denmark. Join Sally Coleman, Nina Lockwood, Jason Shiers, Line Degner, Anna Scott and Kari Boiler for an hour-long group conversation led by a team of transformational Life Coaches from California, Utah, New York, the UK and Denmark.

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Embrace Your Power. Experience Your Love.

Is this all there is? It's a question many of us ponder at some point in our lives. Even if you've accomplished your biggest goals, you sense you're meant for something more: more fulfillment, happiness, ease, well-being, confidence and the power to create an even richer life.

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