What is your intention?

What is your intention?

Intention is everything to me. I realize that if I am not aware of my intention, it can betray me. The other night, I was about to watch a movie with my 13 year old daughter when she did something, and I said something to her, and she got up and stormed out of the room, and said “I am done being with you.” I can’t remember what she did, nor can I remember what I said, but I remember when I checked in with my intention it was to make her wrong. No wonder she stormed out.

Recently, I had a client who I was having the richest time working with. The last time I met with him was at the end of August, prior to Labor Day weekend when he was off to Burning Man. We were supposed to connect when he returned and complete the next half of our contract. One month later I emailed him to check in. No response. I understood that he had some personal issues because I saw that he mentioned them on facebook. Two weeks later, I texted and we had a short exchange but no scheduled meeting. I was all ready to send him an email asking if he wanted to complete our work, when I checked in with my intention. I realized the email I was sending him was to make him wrong and hurt him. I was upset because I missed him and he was not scheduling time with me. (No, I am not proud of this and I am human.) Needless to say I did not send that email. I knew to wait until I created a richer intention. Once I accepted my hurt, I could create a higher intention. My intention for sending the email was to provide space for him to graciously opt out if he needed to and create space for another client to come work with me. It was funny - when I emailed him with this intention, he responded immediately and we scheduled our work.

Over the years, I have discovered a few common intentions that love to run the show. One is my intention to be liked. When my intention is to be liked, I will not not say things that need to be said and I will do things I don’t want to be doing, and I end up frustrated and resentful. Another intention is wanting to be right. How I love to be right!! I feel great for a few seconds while I make the other person feel horrible. The other intention that wants to lead if not checked is being safe. This has me not make a call. It has be comfortable and bored in life. Safe does not produce the magic and wonder.

What I have learned is that when I take the time to create a powerful intention, one that creates possibility, and accept my intention to survive, I am able to create the results I want. It is when I don’t pause to create the intention that things become - how do you say - not so pretty.

If you would like learn what your true intention is, please feel free to call me. I love to help people find their hidden intentions, and create powerful intentions to create from.