The Rules of the Game

The Rules of the Game

I love to play games. I think when we want to learn something new, learning it through playing a game is so much easier — and way more enjoyable.  

What if I could teach you a game that could radically change your life? One that would allow you to experience more of your aliveness, your innate Wisdom? One that would allow you to have more fun, find the solutions you need when you need them and feel better in your day-to day-life? (Oh and be thinner, have better sex, get the promotion and be richer?)

This Intelligence is built in, by the way. We all have it. 

“Why would I have to do this through a game?” you might ask. 

Well, the challenge is, the minute we start trying to talk about accessing this Intelligence – your Life Force Energy – we are outside of it. In all the years I've been teaching people how to feel the truth of it and know it for themselves, the simplest way I've found is through playing the game “Warmer, Colder.”  

You probably played this game in childhood. I certainly did. The original "Warmer, Colder" game begins with having in mind something that I want you to find – usually something in the room we're in together. When you're getting closer to the thing you're supposed to find, I say “You're getting warmer.” When you're moving away from it, I say, “You're getting colder.”

In my grown-up version of the "Warmer, Colder" game, I help you recognize your Life Force Energy. 

For me, when I get closer, WARMER, to my Intelligence, my Life Force Energy, I feel good. I mean really good. I feel alive, open, spacious, fresh. I feel connected, loved, inspired and in service to others.

When I am getting COLDER, I feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, disconnected, frustrated and alone. 

When I feel cold, it is the beautiful signal that is built into this perfectly designed system. Cold oh-so politely tells me, “Please stop using your Intellect so much,” and sometimes, “Turn in the other direction!” You could also think of these feelings like signs that say, “DEAD END.” When we feel this way – colder – we can trust that we won't find the solution we're looking for in whatever we're thinking about. 

By the way, there is an important distinction to be made between "Intellect" and "Intelligence." Though the words are similar, when I refer to “Intellect,” I mean our thinking mind, which is in the realm of "colder." By comparison, “Intelligence” refers to the highest wisdom, which we all have access to and is also called Life Force Energy. This is "warmer."

When we play this game together, I can say to you, “warmer,” or “colder.” But you can also play this game on your own. When you pay attention to how you're feeling, you start to know if you're getting closer to Life Force Energy or further away from connecting to it. 

When I have taught my clients to play this game, they've found it to be life-changing.

One client likens this "warmer" feeling to a shower moment, because often that's where it happens. He will be in the shower, feeling WARM (i.e., nothing on his mind), and then BAM! — seemingly out of nowhere, a solution drops into his conscious awareness, solving a difficult work problem. 

Another client of mine calls this "warmer" feeling her "vacation" feeling – the moment she experiences how all her thinking falls away and she has nothing on her mind. Just like when she is relaxing on a beautiful beach on a warm day, delicious cold drink in hand and “WHA-LAH!” (or "Voilà," for those of you who are sticklers for the original French, or if your beach is on the Riviera…) – a moment of genius! A new idea pops into her awareness.

Things to understand that make this game easier to play (a.k.a., the stealth teachings of this simple game):

  • We are not designed to live by our Intellect.
  • Even though our Intellect communicates on one level with us through words in our head, we also FEEL when we are in our Intellect. For example, if I have sad thoughts, I feel sad; if I have angry thoughts, I feel angry.
  • When we have a lot of thoughts, we will feel colder; when we have fewer thoughts, we will feel warmer.  
  • The minute we NOTICE we are in a lot of thought, our systems reset and we start to feel warmer. (When you are reading my posts feeling like, “How could I possibly achieve this freedom that Anna is talking about?” please know: THIS is the secret sauce.)

What keeps people in "colder" is they believe their thinking to be true and try to do something about it – with their thinking. 

When your thinking falls away, when you are in "warmer," you are remembering that you are made of Life Force Energy. From this place, you are connected to power and ease, and from there, the next step or new idea arises and becomes clear.

If you would like to master the game of “Warmer, Colder,” please give me a call.