Don't Be Afraid of Your Emotions

Don't Be Afraid of Your Emotions

I invite you to read this post with an open mind and clear heart. I am writing to share how I see the world uniquely, what I can see that is hidden in the soft edges of “being-ness.”


In this very moment, energy is flowing through and about you, as you continue to read. But how do we experience it? In what mechanism does it express itself? How can we confidently say, yes energy is happening to me right now?


We, the human race, experience this colorful and dynamic life force that is energy through our emotions. They paint our world in brilliantly spectacular shades, leaving us drenched in sometimes irreverent sparkly joy and other times in a hue as bleak as the night. They envelop us, astoundingly, and shine and wane upon us in every moment of what we call our very existence.

But what happens when we cannot be with an emotion or rather the energy? Why do we find ourselves recoiling from the brilliance or darkness of a feeling? If we are energy then why can’t we simply be with a variation of it?



It is because our thinking separates us from the energy. Our senses sample the energy, our mind unites the different sensations into an experience and then our thinking gives it meaning.  If we have labeled the energy as negative, uncomfortable or unsafe. We recoil.

We have created a thinking mechanism--an automatic response—that aims to not experience that emotion.  Therefore, upon, deeming the energy is a “bad one,” the information the energy is aiming to convey is lost in the maze of philosophy.

I am here to challenge you to consider; what if in that which we have labeled a fearful or “negative” emotion was, in fact, the key to our higher, better, more illuminated self?

What we resist only morphs then blends itself and shows up again and again, it gets louder and louder. It persists, relentlessly until we finally mislabel it as reality.

It keeps showing up in different areas of our lives, but it’s the same emotion, same color, just masked with a different shade.

I am here to tell you, that energy is neutral, we are the one that gives it charge, and we stop reading the brilliant information when it’s uncomfortable.

Energy always has the information on what action to take, what to words to choose, which bravery to surrender to.

How we navigate through this?



You have a power waiting to unfurl; it is the power of recognition. To identify the emotion you cannot be with.

The power is to be with it, the one you desperately seek asylum from.  Be quiet. Unnervingly still. And experience the meaning of that emotion.

A place to look for these buried emotions is when we blame others, when something is, “outside of me,” or “someone’s fault for how I feel.”

What is the true emotion or feeling we can’t be with when we say it’s their fault? After reading that sentence do you feel the familiar presence of a wall?

It is right there your personal discovery waits, to find what’s been tucked away since infancy. Identify the calcified hurt and let it become soft and able to be that which it is.


Just, Energy.  

If we can be with energy, the emotion, the energy just moves through

Energy is the almighty truth-speaker. My work, my voice, what I do out here in the world. I see it. I feel it. This is a unique and it works.

The power is to have a quiet mind, open the relaxed body to let energy come in and out like the rising of the tide, let it flow in and out, in and out. Find Peace.

When you do this, life becomes easier and you are able to see clearer.

If you would like an easier life, please feel free to reach out to me.


Happy November. I hope this blog finds you well. Recently I remember a couple of lines from the book “ The Art of Possibility” by  Rosamund Stone Zander and  Benjamin Zandea while I was working with a new client. Here they are.

“A shoe factory sends two marketing scouts to a region of Africa to study the prospects of expanding a business. Once sends back a telegram saying,


The other writeback triumphantly,


When I went on to read the next couple of lines I couldn’t believe the power of this book.

What was so funny is a few months ago I had given this book away because I thought it was fluff. Boy, was I wrong.  I immediately bought an audio copy, a copy for my kindle and a hard copy just in case.“The Art of Possibility” is by far one of the most profound books I have read in a decade. I am finally at the conscious level where I can see what they are talking about. The thing about consciousness is we can only see things at the conscious level we are at.

This book helped me articulate what I understand. Everything is energy, our senses feel the energy, our mind united the energy and then we give it meaning.

The part that they don’t talk about that I have come to learn is that the energy we have labeled wrong or dangerous we will avoid to stay alive. I have written about my understanding in my blog. I hope you find value in the blog.

Regardless please check out the book “The Art of Possibility.” If you would like to talk about it, please call me. I love talking about it.

Have a wonderful holiday.