Sharing What I Love

Sharing What I Love

Since February is about Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share what I love. I love- love.

I love watching romance movies. Some of my favorites are Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice.

I never tire of watching Darcy and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice find their way to each other and feeling the love they have. I get giddy every time I watch Captain Wentworth gently take Ann’s hand and lean over to give her a kiss.

The thing that is so wonderful is the feeling of love in your body. To me, nothing beats it and it you can experience that feeling in so many ways. I love eating simple food like clams and linguini, drinking a glass of chardonnay and talking with a great friend. I love the beauty of the first roses of the season and I love watching the sunset as I come walking out to redwood trails at dusk. All of these give me that rich, lush expansive feeling of love.

I also love, love, love the work I do. The thing I love most in my work is coaching powerful, strong men. This is where I experience so much rich energy. Don’t get me wrong I also love working with strong women too. It is with the men that I get that extra boost of love.

The thing about love is, you can’t always explain it. The mind tries to give reasons why you love something but it never quite does love justice.

Maybe I love coaching powerful strong men because I was the only girl with five older brothers and I always wanted to be with them and didn’t feel like I was allowed. Maybe it is because I experience more of my femininity when I am with these powerful men or perhaps I get to feel another kind of power. The truth is I don’t really know why. I just love coaching powerful, strong men.

This month, I encourage you to find what you love and relish in it. Bask in the feeling of love. After a crappy day when you focus on what you love everything becomes right again.

If you get a chance please go try The Cook and her Farmer. If you get lucky, you can meet the owner and learn about her love of food and the love of a man who helped her create this restaurant. The story is as good as Persuasion.