Can You Tell Me What You Want?

Can You Tell Me What You Want?

Today I was in the beautiful home of a friend of mine. We were discussing her Jura Coffee Maker. What stunned me about the conversation was how clear my friend was. She knew exactly what she wanted. She had no apology for what she wanted and knew it was possible to get it.

I felt the power of knowing what it is that you want.

One of the things I do with my clients is help them get clear with what they really, really want.

To do this I sometimes have to sift through some dirt to get there.  It is like going on an archaeology dig.

The first layer is often what my client doesn’t want. Understanding what we don’t want helps gain clarity on what we do want.

The second layer I get to is getting beyond what they think is acceptable to want. Sometimes people only allow themselves to want what they know. What they think is feasible. It is so fun to move people beyond these limits. To have them open their heart and let their deep dream be spoken.

The third layer is the most tender layer. With my client we brush away the fear of wanting what they want. Sometimes we are afraid to want what we want because we are afraid of being disappointed in not getting it.

What I have discovered is ultimately what all of my clients  really want is to feel the love and peace inside themselves. Their true nature. Most people I have worked with believe that if they get this thing or person that they want then they will feel their true love. I show people that they already have what they really want.

My friend is aware of her true nature. She has no misconception that a coffee maker brings her love or makes her a better person. And still, it is just really fun to get things we want.

If I can help you see that you have the love you want and help you get something else that would be fun, please reach out.