My intention is to grow my business so I can be of greater service to people.** I have
created a marketing plan. I hired a marketing expert, Gail Nott, to develop my strategy.
As part of it we decided I would write six blogs for the remainder of the year. I sat down
with Gail in June and promised to write one blog a month starting in July. I hired
Rebecca of Worker Bee to build the email list and create the structure to help me send out the blogs each month. I felt so efficient.

**Gail and I thought the first blog topic should be on being stuck.** It would be useful for clients and I’m the expert on helping people become unstuck and move forward. There’s just one hitch...I hate writing. I know it is something I am
supposed to do. Writing blogs, articles, and perhaps a book. It will build my credibility. It will enable me serve more people and attract new clients. I have been saying I am going to write for the last 8 years of my life. The problem is I’m stuck on writing about being stuck! How funny is that? I am in total misery. I feel like I can’t move. Something is holding me down. I have written four different versions but it’s been futile. It is now 12 weeks later and I still have no blog to publish.

**What has me stuck?** First, it is my belief that I am a terrible writer. When I was in college I got F’s on a couple of papers. I remember getting a paper
back from my professor and it looked like someone had bled all over it due to the amount of red ink circling all the errors. I was humiliated. Another reason is because
I’m a horrible speller – maybe the worst speller in the world. At least in my mind I am.
As a child my brothers would tease me for all of my spelling mistakes. To this day, you are sure to find a mistake if you look
at any email, any proposal, or anything I have written. All
this makes me afraid. Afraid
you, the reader, will make fun of my writing. Judge it. Judge
me. And if I am judged I am
afraid people won’t choose to work with me. It means I won’t be accepted, won’t be
liked. Not belonging is my greatest pain. All this pain over a simple blog.

**Ok so how would I coach myself to get unstuck?** The first
thing is recognition**.** The
“something” holding me back is actually a “someone” – me.
Eight years later and no
book, no blogs, no articles. Just many attempts. I am definitely stuck. Next, acceptance.
To do so means I have to be present to the pain, discomfort and stories. Ok, I am
accepting it. Boy, does it hurt. I feel the pain of being stuck and how much it is costing me. I am the best-kept secret, here to guide people to greater freedom in their work, in
their relationships, in themselves but because I am afraid of what people will think, I don’t write. I am making it hard for clients to find me and learn about what I do. The third step
is to get help. I have tried in the past eight years to
get help. I have hired writers and
editors but it never worked. I never admitted I was trapped. I would start to write and then stop because the discomfort was too painful. I didn’t acknowledge or feel the pain of
it. Now I have. Lastly, practice. Kerwin at Radiologie Co. is coaching me on how to write and this is my fifth attempt with him. But I have to say this one is my favorite. It feels so
much better now that I have written this. I moved with the fear rather than the fear stopping me. It doesn’t mean that the fear is not still present. It is alive and well. It is I am
now flowing with it.

**It was sticking with the pain and committing to my higher
vision of wanting to make a difference in others people lives that had me stay with the discomfort as I wrote this blog.
If you feel stuck in some area of your life, please fee
l free to give me a call. I may be able
to help you.**