My Training Partner

My Training Partner

Happy July

Recently, my daughter Mattie and I enjoyed hiking together at Point Reyes. Before our hike, we stopped at M & H Bakery in San Anselmo for lunch. We found ourselves sitting outside on the ground, engaged in conversation as we waited. Sensing a profound connection, a stranger approached us and asked to take our photo. I couldn't help but burst out laughing at the stark transformation in our relationship. You will understand why if you have read any of my earlier blogs. 

Mattie and I have navigated numerous challenges in our lives. I used to refer to her as 'my training partner,' a term borrowed from my Aikido practice. A training partner is someone who challenges me, reflecting the parts of myself that I struggle to accept. Mattie's emotions and experiences have often pushed me to confront and embrace my own. The lessons I've learned from her are invaluable. 

Through Mattie, I've learned the power of acceptance. I've come to fully embrace my emotions, from anger and sadness to pettiness and jealousy. And in doing so, I've discovered a depth of love that I never knew was possible. 

In navigating motherhood with Mattie, I understand I do not give up. Despite moments of anger, fleeting thoughts of relinquishing my role as a mother, and the overwhelming struggles we have encountered, my love for her surpasses any challenge.

The love I feel for Mattie is intrinsic. It is as if life has given me the responsibility of raising and guiding her in exchange for the invaluable lessons she imparts to me.

I read this passage to Mattie to seek her approval before sharing it in this blog. She humorously remarked that calling her my 'training partner' was akin to calling her a 'bitch.' This light-hearted exchange led to a moment of shared laughter, a testament to our bond and understanding

I trust in love—personal affection and the universal love that Mattie and I embody.

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