Space Helmet Removal Service

Space Helmet Removal Service

For most of my life I was caught in the fog of my thinking. As a woman, my narrative is often that I am not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough. To feel these thoughts is painful, like being smashed in a trash compactor.I remember the day I found out that the company I worked for paid me $40,000 less a year for the same sales job as my male counterparts. I was selling more than my counterparts and yet being paid a significant amount less. No wonder this thinking seemed so natural to me.

I could refer back to history to see that this thinking had been handed down to me from generation after generation that believed women were inferior. Generations that refused women the ability to vote, own property or work until relatively recently.

When I came across the Three Principles and realized I was a soul having a human experience, I had to wake up and see that most of the thinking I had was crap. It felt real but it was not true.  It was like I had been fitted with a space helmet of reality when I was born and never bothered to take the helmet off.

When I began to see that I was not my thinking, I woke up to see the aliveness and beauty inside of me and in all of life. I began to trust the nudges of my higher self. I began to differentiate between habitual thinking and the soul’s knowing of the moment.

When I am trying to figure it out, when I feel overwhelmed or when I spin like a washing machine, I now know to stop. Take a breath. Pause. I recognize that like so many before me I get caught in the cobwebs of historical thinking. I know when I let my thinking quiet, I allow space for new thoughts to come in.

Thoughts that feel way better than the crap handed down to me.

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