Your Unique Design

Your Unique Design

For the past 5 years, I’ve been studying with and learning from Julie Gleason. She’s given me the gift of how to assess the unique design of my clients.

Each individual has a unique gift and purpose, and I love to uncover what it is that my clients are here to do on this planet.

It’s a sacred and powerful uncovering act. Every person has an individual soul that sees something that nobody else can see. It’s like a persons thumbprint: what makes them unique. When someone is living from their soul, life is effortless, a beautiful feeling.

Over my years of experience, I’ve learned how to guide people to their soul’s purpose. People come to me for their career because I can help them uncover what it is that they truly want to do. In reality, everyone is living from their soul all the time anyway, life just flows easier when a career is the right fit.

It turns out that my unique design, my soul’s desire, is to return people to their true nature. My purpose in this life is to show my clients what is their gift to life.

Interestingly enough, once you understand your design and what you are here to do, you begin to get curious about what other people’s designs are. You begin to ask how other people see the world.

When I was at my son’s graduation, I was reminded of a close friend’s ability to see the unity of all life. She loves to be somewhere like the theater or symphony and witness the act of clapping, when participant’s souls are all one.

I had never really experienced this, but at the graduation I was impacted because I could finally see what she could see. I could see the oneness that we were all together for this one event. But it wasn’t until I got curious about what she saw that my world enlarged.

In shopping for a career, it’s so wonderful to know that what you are here to do is uniquely yours.