Embracing The Unknown

Embracing The Unknown

Did you know?

I invite you to close your eyes and feel your breath. Now imagine you are at an important meeting. You are asked a question by your superior. You don’t know the answer. Notice what happens in your body.

Do you relax and open or do you constrict?

If you are like most people you probably constrict.

We live in a culture that reveres knowing. Knowing gives A’s in school. We get to look good in a meeting because we have an answer. It is a monetary splurge of feeling right!

Yet I have found that not knowing is the gift. When I don’t know something I have to look beyond my intellect for something new. This is where innovation and creation come into being. This is where magic and surprises come from.

What blocks people from this space is their fear of not knowing. It is not understanding the power of not knowing.

Most people believe not knowing means that they are either stupid, foolish, or inadequate.

They become afraid of not knowing. This fear blocks us from looking into the deep well of infinite possibilities. This fear keeps us stuck.

I work with my clients to see the wonder and beauty of not knowing. I help them get comfortable not knowing. I help them see where to look when they don’t know something.

Instead of looking in the same drawer of their intellect. I have them go to a new drawer. An empty drawer lives inside of them.  When they look at the empty drawer, magic happens.  

Instead of living a life in a small blue plastic sandbox, they live in the ocean of life creating something beautiful and magical. Beyond their wildest dreams.

If you would like to create something new and beautiful in your life email me and set up a time to talk. I would love to guide you to the unknown.