New Thinking

New Thinking

I just completed a call with a client and have such a feeling of love and well being. It feels like I’ve been on a hike through a meadow near flowers growing on the side of a full flowing river. It takes my breath away what my clients see on our journey together.

When I work with clients I never know where our journey will take us, and what my client will see. Each time I work with a client it is like going on an exotic vacation. Sometimes  my client will notice something that seems small, like a shell or a fragrant white flower. Other times it seems like what we notice is a view from a mountain range. Each new thought opens up their world.

My clients and I explore the nature of new thinking.

It seems so simple when I speak about it in terms of coffee. We have old coffee in our favorite cup. We notice the smell and temperature. We pour it out. We wash the cup. We make a new pot of coffee. We wait. When it is ready we pour it into the cup.

Yet our thinking seems trickier. We never seem to notice that it is old and stale. We seem used to stale old thinking. It never occurs to us to pour it out and wait for something new.  Yet thinking can be like freshly baked bread, once you have had fresh bread from the oven you probably won’t want to go back to the old, moldy bread you’re used to.

What allows us to notice fresh thinking is the feeling. As Sydeny Banks said, “It is listening that allows you to receive the feeling. It is the feeling that has the power, not the knowledge.”

When we slow down we can notice the feeling of our thinking. We can notice if we are in our habitual thought patterns. We can then pause and open up to new thinking. If we do, new thought, better thought automatically comes in. It is how the system is built.

Why look for new thinking? New thinking can solve any problem. It can heal any relationship. It can get someone from being stuck, to being in the flow. One new thought can change your life.

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