Question - Does this Work for Me?

Question - Does this Work for Me?

Have you ever had a situation come up and for whatever reason, it’s just not working for you, and you can’t state exactly why but you just know. Or have you ever heard someone else say, “it’s just not working for me.” And immediately knew, from a deeper place, what they were trying to say?

If you answered yes and even if you answered no, welcome to one of the most profound and life-changing questions we can ask ourselves.

Does this work for me?

That word, ‘work.’ Has so much charge to it and no wonder- it’s something every being on the planet does to survive, but I am asking you to dive deeper into that word ‘work,’ and attach it to a question that will transform not only your way of thinking and decision making, but your life.

From my seat, when something ‘works,’ for me, it is not my thinking or what society dictates, but rather my soul, lighting up in agreement with the choice I have made. It steps beyond good or bad, right or wrong and what I like and what I don’t like.

It is the truth for what is right for whom I am as a human being.

And that truth? It’s a feeling that hums with clarity, it has a potent energy that is almost blinding in its SOLIDITY, and it does not lead us astray.

If we became invested into asking the question: What works for me and what doesn’t work for me? Our lives would transform through the new internal dialogue we would have with ourselves. Instead of the two-sided coin of “ I like this, or I don’t like this,” our questions and our discourse would arrive in a deeper more profound place. A place of self-honor.

So, how do we put it into practice? We ask the three places within ourselves that aim to do the guiding:

First: Head (I think) Second: Heart (I feel) Third: The Belly (I know)

The Head and Heart will always have a knee-jerk response (even if we don’t want to listen to it), pay attention to your belly’s response. If something doesn’t align there, or it’s “off,” or you keep coming up with a “no,” you have to keep digging and ask how could this work for me? Meaning, that even if something doesn’t seem appealing on the surface, you may find that your soul is actually quite all right with whatever is bothering your head.

You keep asking the question until you get clarity, until you feel the solidity of truth click into place.

Our beautiful bodies will tell us what works for us; we ask this question unknowingly every day of our lives! Just like trying on clothes before you buy them or tasting food before you order the meal-our bodies know. There is no right or wrong. Only truth.

The consequences of ignoring that truth is that every day of your life you will be fighting against something within your nature that will not change. Sounds exhausting, no?

So, seeker, I challenge you to ask this question, let it light up your life! And let go of the inner-fight and allow the question to fully sink in and begin to guide you on this awesome journey of life.