Smiling Because I'm Alive

Smiling Because I'm Alive

For so long I didn’t know who I was. I assumed I was my thoughts. I thought I was the roles I played: mother, coach, girlfriend and sister.

I struggled in my thinking. I believed that I was less than, not good enough  and not worthy.

The culture seemed to support my beliefs.

And then I came across the most beautiful understanding, The Three Principles.

This understanding pointed me to the truth of who I am. I am not my thinking, I am the beautiful energy that lives in me and gives me the power to create experiences through thought.

I am an aliveness that exists in everything, white hydrangeas, my dog, the ocean and my fellow human beings.

I can’t see this energy because it is invisible. When my mind quiets down and I let go of my concepts I feel this energy. I feel the peace, beauty and well being in me. It is like my light turns on and I radiate the energy beaming through me. I walk around with a smile on my face for no reason other than being alive.

My favorite thing to do in life is share this understanding with people. I love showing people who they really are and what gets in the way of their beauty.

I see that when people understand this life gets easier. Relationships become richer. People enjoy their life. Work becomes a place to share their gifts.

If you would like to discover who you really are and see what gets in the way, please email me. It would be an honor to share this with you.