Happy April

Happy April

Happy April!

Today, I'm excited to share two things close to my heart.

The first is to clarify my coaching. It came from a conversation with a potential new client who approached me for "Business Coaching."

When he asked me about my coaching, I explained to him that it is not limited to business but applies to all areas of his life. My coaching approach focuses on the person as an individual, and we work towards developing their capacity to understand how their mind works, be with their emotions, and access their innate wisdom. By doing this work, I have seen my clients' entire lives transform. They find their work more enjoyable, their relationships become richer, their finances simpler, and their overall well-being grows.

I love how the power of my coaching impacts all areas of my client's lives. If you know of someone looking for "business coaching," please refer them to me.

Secondly, I'm thrilled to share a poetic endeavor inspired by my exploration of the Gene Keys alongside my colleague, Molly Lynch, from Over the past year and a half, we've immersed ourselves in the profound teachings of the Gene Keys—a synthesis of practical wisdom aimed at unlocking one's true potential and fostering deep self-understanding.

Embarking on our third round of studying the 64 keys, Molly and I embarked on a journey to craft a poem for each Key. This creative process has been a source of immense joy and enlightenment for me, offering freedom of expression and profound insights.

Today, I'm honored to share a poem centered around the 21st Gene Key, which holds personal significance as my evolution key. Crafting this poem has helped me gain a deeper understanding of its essence, and I hope it resonates with you as well.

21 Gene Key

Control, Authority, Valor

‌I am scared
I won’t have enough
I don't trust you
It is not personal
I don’t trust life
I control my experiences
With contracts, laws, bosses, and hierarchies
I control you
I stop giving my mind
I let my heart take the lead
It looks like I can lead others
I inspire others

And then I see the truth
The true servant and master relationship
is inside of me
It is between my mind and my heart
My nobility emerges when
I surrender my mind to my heart
I live in the mystery

lease schedule a call if you would like to learn more about the Gene Keys and how they can impact your life. I love to guide people through their profiles.

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