Worth While

Worth While

It is 90 degrees in my house. Much cooler than the 98 degrees yesterday. Northern California is in a heat wave. When I drove through the hills, I saw a patch of dry parched earth, longing to be soaked by the rain.

I know how this earth feels. I have been parched inside. I didn’t know that I was parched. I thought it was normal to be so dry. What caused my internal drought? My lack of self worth and self love.

I thought I had done a pretty good job loving and taking care of myself. I eat healthy, do yoga and pilates, sleep and enjoy my life. I have a wonderful relationship with a man who worships me and I love my children and I believe they love me in return.

Yet, I have learned what is true inside of me is reflected in my outside world. One of the largest struggles I have had in my life is with debt. Since I graduated from college and started making money, I have been in debt. The debt has varied over the years but it is consistent and ever present. No matter what class or book I read I could not transform the debt.

And then I had a miracle. I got to experience my true nature. I got to see the inherent beauty and light that I am. I felt my worth. The glory of who I am and what a gift it is to be alive. I felt the pure love I had for being in the female body. Every cell in my body bloomed. Because of this realization I was able to stop spending beyond my means. It was simple. I just stopped charging things.

I realized I had never completely loved myself. I hated being in this female body. I thought there was a mistake. There had to be because I was born the only girl with five boys. The boys seemed to get all the preferential treatment in the house and in life. I thought this meant I was not worthwhile.

I believed it. And that is the issue. What the Three Principles have shown me is I live in an inside world. Meaning I am not experiencing the outside world. I only experience my thinking.

Just because the culture I live in thinks women are less than doesn’t mean I have to think that too.

Since I have seen this truth, I have stopped all the excessive doing to prove myself. I have stopped charging with ease and I feel the river of life flowing through me soaking itself into all parts of my being.

If you would like to see you are truly worthwhile and see how your life transforms from this reach out to me.