New Year's Goals

New Year's Goals

I just returned home from Ultimatum, a program created by Dr. Donald Epstein. All I can say is wow.

In the program, Dr. Epstein said any goal that has not been fulfilled is because we do not have enough energy to fulfill that goal. Period, end of story. I like this story. Simple and to the point.

Energy is what fuels our body. Just like a car will not go anywhere without gas, our bodies will not run without energy.

So how the heck do we get energy and how do we get rich enough energy so we can accomplish what we want?

Here are simple ways to get energy:

  1. Eat nutrient rich food. You know the food -- greens, vegetables, legumes. Limit those wonderful great fried foods like french fries and all of those beautiful desserts like chocolate cake and chocolate chips cookies. (I am saying limit not do away. Let’s not be crazy.)
  2. Drink your weight in ounces of water and stay away from sodas. As a former diet coke addict, I can tell you this is challenging.
  3. Sleep wonderful sleep. 6-8 hours. Can we talk about how wonderful it is to be in bed? Who doesn’t love to be in bed. The covers, the support of something under your body and the pillows that hold your head. I adore being in bed.
  4. Exercise. Kick your ass kind of exercise. Where you are sweating and challenging yourself. You know -- the kind where your legs are shaking and you are dripping from sweat kind of exercise.
  5. Energy rich emotions. Yep. No more whining and complaining. How much energy are really in whining and complaining or worry and frustration? Not too much. Instead of these emotional combinations, I recommend practicing being brave and courageous or certain and determined. Bring these to emotions to a goal and see what outcomes you achieve.
  6. The questions we ask. Who knew? For example, questions like, Why does this happen to me *or *How come I can I never make this happen? drains energy faster than speeding light. Instead ask, How can I optimize this situation or How can I make this work? These questions will bring new perspectives and insights.
  7. Laughter. Yes plain old laughter. If you want more energy laugh your ass off. Watch funny movies. Listen to funny people or just sit down and practice laughing. After you laugh, notice how much energy you have and then put it to what you want to accomplish.
  8. Your posture. How you stand can give you more energy. Try it. Stand up, bend your head down, slump your shoulders and waist. Notice the energy you have. Now stand tall, lift your chest up, raise your hands up to the sky and bend your head up. See if there is a difference.

I learned two other ways to skyrocket your energy, but you could say this a cliff-hanger. They are to come in later blogs. If you can’t wait for the sequel, please feel free to call or email me.

Here is to 2016 and having the energy to create what you want.