Finding Delight In The Struggle

Finding Delight In The Struggle

In September of 2022 I set a prayer to know my purpose. Shortly after, a dear friend introduced me to the Gene Keys. Prayer Answered.  

I fell in love with this body of work. I have spent two to three hours a day listening, reflecting and contemplating what I am reading. All I want to do is share it with clients and friends.

So what is the big damn deal of the Gene Keys? 15 years ago I came across the most beautiful and simple understanding of my life called The Three Principles. This understanding provided the truth on how I have my experience and my true nature. This understanding saved me and my family's life.

But being the infinite seeker that I am, I wanted to feel love all the time and couldn’t understand why I still struggled, even with this gorgeous understanding.

The Gene Keys shined a light on my struggles and more. It showed me my habitual thought patterns that kept me from feeling my true nature, my pure love. It showed me my gifts. One of my gifts is called Dynamism. It means whenI I feel the truth of energy I burst out laughing. Anyone who knows me, knows this is true. My laugh lights up the whole room.

The Gene Keys showed me my purpose. As it turns out, I am supposed to struggle. It is through my struggle that perseverance shows up. I am to embrace my struggle and honor it, not try to get rid of it! Crazy Talk. All of my life I have hated and tried to overcome my struggles.

Now when I struggle, I honor it. I understand the struggle is a nudge to pause, slow down, accept whatever is happening. And then I watch the magic happen. I get an insight on what to do with the situation at hand.

I have seen the perfect unity between the Three Principles and The Gene Keys. In the months that I have started to share The Three Principles and The Gene Keys with clients, I have watched lives transform in a way I didn’t see before.

If you would like to see your gifts, understand your purpose, improve a relationship or live in prosperity, please reach out to me. It would be an honor to support you.

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