Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck

In my practice as a business coach, I see the following three trends that keep people in a stuck phase in their careers:

  • The client wants to do something, but they are scared to do it.
  • They want newness and change but they don’t know what exactly it will look like or how to go about doing it.
  • The client keeps trying things to make a change and nothing ends up working out.

To help my clients get unstuck, I first teach them about the nature of experience. I teach them that much of our experience is made up of our own thinking. An example: sometimes it’s the job that actually sucks, but often what is really happening is that the person’s thoughts and perspective that makes the job suck so much.

Just by noticing that thoughts are creating a closed mind, a whole new set of possibilities opens up to use.

When I teach people that, 9 times out of ten, they don’t need to make a drastic change. If they really understand it and see that they have closed their minds.

There was a woman I was coaching who was at a job she really thought she needed to leave. When she saw it was her own thinking around the job, she saw that she was actually fine. She was actually perfectly designed for the job she was in. She didn’t need to leave. In fact, she got a promotion.

The next thing I teach people is that their thinking makes a simulated 3D reality—their thinking creates scary thoughts. The body doesn’t like to do anything scary or dangerous, so it won’t move. We won’t know what’s going to happen until we get there.

I recently had a client that was so scared about what he was going to do about a job offer. The truth was that he didn’t have any job offers. It was all in his head: nothing was on paper. There was nothing to worry about, he was imagining all of it. I told him that once the deadline happens, you’ll know what to do. It turns out the job offer never arised.

But, that’s thought.

The other thing I teach people is that we are designed to figure things out in the moment. We are all equipped to know what to do, but that is always in the present moment. We aren’t designed to know what to do in the future because it’s not here yet. That’s all manufactured. I teach people how our systems really works, what we are really designed to do.

When we are working really hard at something, and it’s not happening, it’s because it’s not supposed to. Life wants something else. We just think it should be “X” when life is saying “Y”.

Recently, I was working with a woman who really thought she should get another full time job. She had been looking for 9 months and doing everything right. In her heart she wanted to have her own consulting business. She had a business idea that would deeply transform the world.

She realized why she wasn’t getting a new job: deep in her heart she wanted to stick with her consulting gigs and build her business.

I teach people how to stop, get interested, and get curious about what is really happening. Then they can see clearly.

If you’re stuck and would like to learn more, I’d like to teach you this in depth, please reach out.