Deep Listening for Deeper Truth.

Deep Listening for Deeper Truth.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin"

One of my favorite things I love to do with people is sit down with them and listen to them. Listen to what their soul wants. Listening to the soul is different from listening to someone's intellect.

When I listen to someone’s soul I have to listen to the energy in what they are saying, and pay attention to when it changes. When someone’s intellect is speaking, it is like seeing squirts of water come out of a hose. When I hear someone's soul speak it is like the hose has been opened up  and water is gushing out. I feel the force of this water move me.

The soul speaks the truth. I love to listen to people’s souls because it is the hidden treasure, the magic and gold in each person.

Listening to your soul is a risk. What it has to say is not always convenient. It may have you start companies, get up and move across the country, write books, open up to love, upend your life.

When I listen to people's souls and point out what I am hearing, when they feel it, too, they cannot deny it.

Once you let the soul out, you can’t push it back down. At least, not without a lot of force. Trying to stuff a soul back down after it’s been heard is like trying to stuff a sleeping bag into too small of a bag. It just won't fit.

To listen to your own soul is the greatest gift you can give yourself. This listening is what allows people to find freedom, fulfillment, and purpose in their lives.

If you would like help listening to what your soul wants, discerning the intellect’s voice from the soul’s, email me. This is one of my favorite things to do.