The Power of a Great Sales Person

The Power of a Great Sales Person

A great salesperson loves what they do, loves what they sell, and knows how to cultivate customer engagement without the pressure to buy.

I was recently on an excursion to Larkspur Landing, a small town just few minutes north of San Francisco known for its lovely, one-of-kind, high quality boutiques, when I accidentally came upon an eye-popping, beautiful housewares shop called Hudson Grace. Here is where I witnessed Jessica in action.

When I first walked into Hudson Grace I stood in the center of the store, taking in its beauty. Jessica, the shop’s salesperson, walked up to me and asked “Don’t you love this space? I know I do.” She then proceeded to tell me about the store’s architects and their desire to allow the customer to see each object without feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered display.

Jessica was connecting with my initial curiosity, seeing my appreciation for the objects and the physical space.

She then proceeded to ask if I was looking for anything in particular. “Not now. But I am imagining my future,” I replied. Jessica paused and asked me what I meant. I told her how much I loved the store, but was planning for future purchases, not yet ready to buy.

To my relief and delight, Jessica accepted my response. Not only did she accept it; she used it as an opportunity to keep me engaged.

She suggested we play with the objects I most liked and compose them to see how they looked. Together we grabbed the blue linen napkins, the Roma Hotel silver wear, the Savana wine goblets and the beautiful organic white plates to see how the table setting all looked together. I can’t remember when I had so much fun shopping. And Jessica knows that when I’m ready, I’ll return to Hudson Grace and snap up those coveted Savana goblets without hesitation.

Jessica’s engaging technique demonstrates that in great sales, we connect with our customer’s higher good and allow them to work in total choice.

If you’re ready to learn more about engaging your customer/client in total choice, feel free to drop me a note.