Happy March. I hope this newsletter finds you experiencing love, gratitude and lots of laughter. All of these are powerful emotions with rich energy.

For the past 20 years, I have been called to understand energy and how it relates to our lives.

I think it all started when I was in a class with Toby Hecht at the San Francisco Hilton. We were doing a practice of some kind walking around the grand ballroom. At some point Toby would say, "stop and now feel the energy in your feet." I will never forget that moment in my life. It was a moment where time froze and I was alone in this large ballroom with 200 people thinking, "I don’t have a clue what he is saying."

I couldn’t feel a damn thing. Nada, nothing. Since that point in time, I have had a calling to feel, experience, and understand energy.

This calling has had me get a black belt in Aikido, a black brown belt in Kuk Sool, become a somatic coach, a conscious embodiment coach, a certified three principals and a certified trainer for Epstein Technologies. And I am not done.

I am happy to report I have made massive progress in feeling the energy in my body. In fact, I have gotten so skilled I can feel the energy in other people’s bodies. How I do this is I become present to the emotions that are present. I am mastering being present with emotions. Emotions are energy in motion.

When I started this journey, I could not feel any emotions. A perfect design. When my father died at 2, the way mother dealt with the pain and loss was to tell us not to be sad. To not feel sad, you have to stuff down a whole lot of emotions with it.

I have been learning the qualities, characteristics, textures and feelings of all human emotions. Each emotion is so unique. They are like snowflakes, they can be similar but they have their own unique design. It is my intention to be completely fluent and present with all emotions that are considered painful and pleasurable.

If we cannot be with an emotion because we believe it to be too painful, the human intelligence will unconsciously avoid doing anything that would elicit that emotion. The design of the body is avoid pain, real or imagined, for its survival. So if you can’t be with embarrassment and you believe you would feel embarrassed to send food back at a restaurant you will never do it, even if the food is horrible. If you are not able to be with disappointment, you will not tell someone “no” because they might be disappointed in you, and you would have to feel it. If you can’t be with uncertainty you will not try anything new.

On the flip side, when you can be present with emotions, you understand what emotions are needed in the moment to create the impact you want. Think of masterful actors. They have mastered conveying emotions.

What’s funny about emotions is that most emotions are created by our thinking and the meaning we give things. And our thinking is created by how much energy is available to us. (This is a whole other blog.)

I have found when you can be with emotions, you can create the results you want with people and in life. And when you learn how to add rich emotions to a situation or event, things become effortless. And when it is effortless, it is super fun.

If you would like to understand energy and emotions, please feel free to call me.

This month, I would like to have you check out The Insurance Lady, Ruth Stroup. Ruth has been providing my family insurance for over 8 years. What makes Ruth so wonderful is what she does for the community. Ruth has taught me about philanthropy. I have never met a woman who gives so much back. When you do business with Ruth, you can know that you are supporting so many bay area charities.

I am also sharing a blog written by a colleague Gail Nott. She gives a perfect example of the impact of emotions. Gail does a wonderful job getting people’s message out through online marketing. Enjoy!

I am also teaching a workshop called “Selling from the Inside Out” on Friday, March 25 in Oakland. Please feel free to reach out with questions. You can find more information here.