For the past thirty years I have read the books, taken classes from the gurus and longed to find the missing answers that would make my life work out.

What I have learned and what I now teach my clients is that they have all their own answers. it is not that we don't learn from other people, we do. But what makes the information from other people powerful  is when we have an insight about it. It is when we hear something or see something and we go “Oh I get” or “Now I see it.”

Often times it is misleading because we think it is the other person who gave us the info. It isn't though. It is that we saw it. That is why you can read the books and attend the classes and nothing changes. You have not had your insight.

An insight is currently defined as the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing. What is more interesting is the etymology of an Insight. Insight is from the year 1200 and the word innsiht, which means “sight with the eyes of the mind, understanding from within."

The wonderful thing about insights is they come from universal energy. They are new ways and are designed for the moment to give you what you need. They have all the power to make the transformation you need. They are your magic bullet.

Insights usually come when our thinking gets quiet, when we are doing something we enjoy, taking a shower or lost in something we are doing.

The challenge that I have found is that most people have the insights and don't listen to them. An insight will come and they will think a few seconds later is “oh that can't be it and move on.”

What we are up against in these moments is personal thinking and universal thinking. Personal thinking is designed to keep us safe and alive. Insight is transformation and allows us to grow. As humans we don’t like change. Try this. Put a ring or a watch on the opposite hand. Notice how uncomfortable it is. See how fast you want to move the ring or watch back to what it was. This little example helps us understand why it is difficult to change.

Yet if we do understand this, we can notice when we have the insight, listen to it and  act it on it. Per Mel Robbins of the 5 second rule we have 5 seconds before our personal thinking comes in and shuts our insight down.

Recently I had a situation where I need to deliver soup in a crockpot to my daughters school by nine a.m. The challenge was I had 7:30 am meeting and a 9:00 am meeting and with traffic there was no way I could make it to the 9:00 am meeting. When I need a solution I ask myself I wonder how this could work. A woman's name came into mind that I have never been close to and had not spoken with in awhile. Immediately after her name came into my mind, my thoughts were “This is to much to ask. She would would have to carry in two crockpots. I don’t want to impose.” But because I understand insights I knew I needed to ask her. I got uncomfortable and asked if she could help me by taking my soup. Not only could she take it but she offered to pick it up and bring it home for me. The best part is after she did this  and then asked if I would like to get together. We have started to hike and hang out together.  She is a funny, wonderful woman who has added great light to my life!

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