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Find the Power in Your Truth

For those of us drawn to excel in our professional and personal lives, growth can be both exciting and frustrating. When we feel the need to advance or expand, we can get stuck in place, uncertain about how or what to change. Or we accomplish what we set out to achieve, only to feel dissatisfied. Many of us sense we're meant for something more, but don't quite know what it is.

I have good news: The tools you need to feel fulfilled live within you. They're part of the universal intelligence that connects us all. Through coaching, I help clients tap into their truth, connect to their own powerful energy and learn to recognize their inner wisdom – the knowing that tells them what they were designed to do. And when you know what your soul wants, you feel empowered to pursue it.

Connect to Your Energy

Growth and transition can feel effortless when outcomes are aligned with your soul’s design. My coaching process centers around developing skills that teach you to connect with your energy and take action from a place of power. When executives, creatives and entrepreneurs connect with energy, they find their true power, gain clarity and effectiveness. Together, we’ll explore how you can tap into your truth to experience breakthroughs in your personal and professional life.

Coaching is customized to each individual and takes place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, in person, via phone or video call. My group coaching workshops are offered in multiple locations and can also be designed to your specifications.

Learn from an Expert Listener

As a business leader for two decades, I guided Fortune 500 companies and young startups into successful growth. During that time, I dove deeper into leadership and somatic training at the Strozzi Institute before setting off on my own. Through 30 years of discovery and professional development as a coach, I've created a method for driven executives, creatives and entrepreneurs that begins with listening and results in taking action.

My greatest satisfaction lies in helping my clients see their challenges and opportunities from a new perspective, while providing insight that allows them to tune into their energy and feel empowered to make change.


While I came to Anna with business concerns, our work together transformed every other part of my life for the better, too. She helped me unpack the mental blocks I had holding me back and gave me the freedom to trust myself again.


I understand the power of my thinking and after working with Anna, it feels like I know the secret to the game of life – and I wish everyone else could learn it, too. She is an incredible coach!


I sought coaching because I wanted help finding direction in my professional life, but what Anna has given me goes far, far beyond that. My professional outlook has transformed, but so has my entire perception of myself.


For years, I struggled with a challenging life obstacle and Anna helped me resolve the issue in under a month. She has the ability to put both challenges and opportunities in perspective. You have to do the work, but Anna can show you the path.


Anna has helped me effectively navigate some of the biggest professional challenges of my career with much greater ease. I have worked with several coaches in my career and I give her my highest recommendation.

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