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I’ve been in the business world since I was 21 years old. As a young woman, I owned my own house cleaning and catering businesses, then transitioned into a corporate career before moving on to work with startups. I’ve been studying personal development for just as long, across topics ranging from somatics to the power of thought.

As I guided Fortune 500 companies and young startups into successful growth, I developed and honed my own skill set in personal development and executives coaching. I’ve trained in the fields of leadership and somatics at the Strozzi Institute, with complementary study in energy and philosophy. As a Three Principles Coach, my approach is directly influenced by the work of Sydney Banks and Morihei Ueshiba and an abiding belief in universal love. I hold a black belt in the Japanese martial art of aikido, which teaches defense without injury and promotes peaceful resolution to conflict.

Through my own journey of discovery, I was inspired to found a coaching practice for executives, creatives and entrepreneurs for one simple reason:

to help kind and driven individuals discover how to tune into their energy and feel empowered to make change.
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The Power of Three Principles

In my own professional journey, there was a long period when I was motivated to control the outside world. I believed that if I could think the right thing, perform the right actions or meet the right people, my life would magically improve and I’d be happy. When I was introduced to the works of Sydney Banks and the “Three Principles” of mind, consciousness and thought, everything changed.

What I learned through the three principles was transformative. When I finally understood that I don’t experience the outside world per se, but rather, that I experience my own thinking of it, I discovered I had the power within me to affect my experience and my response to the world.

This understanding transformed how I saw my career and role as a sales leader. It revealed the truth of what my career was about:

being connected with the universal energy and in service to others. It’s the truth I continue to live out in my work as a coach.

Three Principles Based Coaching

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