Hi I'm Anna Scott, the creator of Wisdom Business Coaching.


Welcome. My energy rich coaching method is designed for entrepreneurial spirited people who want to make their dreams become a reality. My passion is to see and be with people deeply and in their truth, and essentially, to help people live the life of their dreams. My method thrives off my passion to help transform the lives of my clients by helping them not only reach their professional and personal goals, but also embody them.

What makes me unique as a coach is the threefold combination of my 20-year experience in generating successful big business for fortune 500 hundred companies and business startups, my thirty-year journey into understanding energy and finally my overflowing interest in making things work in alignment in the lives of my clients. 

During my time as a leader in the business world, I began developing and growing tools in self-awareness, life and business skills, and coaching. After training at both the Strozzi Institute and Embodiment International for Somatic Coaching, I was inspired to begin a leadership coaching practice for executives, creatives and entrepreneurs of all kinds for one simple reason. I love people who are inspired by life, who want to succeed and create something real.

My journey into energy began 3 decades ago when I attended a class and the teacher asked us to feel the energy in our feet. I found it interesting that I did not have a sense of any energy in my body. I felt profoundly inspired to understand energy and all of its facets on the deepest level. Through my journey, I came to the realization that once I understood the laws of energy, I would understand everything. I began to see how the energy I bring to a relationship has a profound impact on my effectiveness, and on the contrary if I am not aware of my energy, it could betray me. I comprehended that when I learned how to use energy for my own benefit, I could and would make magic happen.

I direct my clients to the ease and beauty that awaits them in their own energy. I ensure that they too understand their own powerfulness in energy. I also see the current energy that is blocking them, and point to it, so that it may be resolved. I teach them how to access their innate gifts so that they may finally turn the deepest dreams into a rich reality. It’s a wonderful process that I am honored and excited to share with the world.