Insecure Thinking

Insecure Thinking

Insecure Thinking is becoming my new best friend.

How is that possible? I will tell you. I have found that Insecure Thinking is an illusion. A powerful illusion that seduces us into action or has us freeze into doing nothing. We all tend, actually we are compelled, to either freeze, or try to solve IT.

What is IT? That way that our minds can get strapped into a roller coaster, a story about how we are not good enough, not doing enough, we’ve caused something, we are the victim of something, we should have avoided something, NOW we are really sunk… whatever the story is, you can know it by by how IT feels.

IT has us feel all of these wonderful emotions: scared, anxious, nervous… there’s a whole host of emotions we can have when we are THINKING. We don’t like these emotions. We prefer not to feel this way, and we believe we are not supposed to feel this way.

Trying to solve Insecure Thinking is like trying to catch a ghost. You can’t do it. (Ghostbusters notwithstanding.) You cannot fix something that ISN’T THERE to be fixed.

The Gift Inside of Rejection

The Gift Inside of Rejection

Recently, I applied to the TED women’s conference in San Diego this year. I really wanted to go, I was looking forward to being around this community of women. Yesterday, I received notice that I was declined. They had so many applicants, they said. And they didn’t pick me.

In that moment, I recognized that I was having a feeling — of rejection. (This is the underlying teaching in this post: having a feeling of rejection is different from the voice that says “I was rejected.”)

This moment of feeling rejected reminded me of another: Recently I applied to Michael Neil’s advanced track of his Supercoach. And I was not chosen (for the second time!) — and I felt rejected.And that memory reminded me of a time when I was in college, at U.C. Davis, during my sophomore year, when I applied to sororities. I applied to 9 sororities and 8 of them didn’t choose me.

One could get a complex from this.

Your Unique Design

For the past 5 years, I’ve been studying with and learning from Julie Gleason. She’s given me the gift of how to assess the unique design of my clients.

Each individual has a unique gift and purpose, and I love to uncover what it is that my clients are here to do on this planet.

It’s a sacred and powerful uncovering act. Every person has an individual soul that sees something that nobody else can see. It’s like a persons thumbprint: what makes them unique. When someone is living from their soul, life is effortless, a beautiful feeling.