For the past thirty years I have read the books, taken classes from the gurus and longed to find the missing answers that would make my life work out.

What I have learned and what I now teach my clients is that they have all their own answers. it is not that we don't learn from other people, we do. But what makes the information from other people powerful  is when we have an insight about it. It is when we hear something or see something and we go “Oh I get” or “Now I see it.”

Often times it is misleading because we think it is the other person who gave us the info. It isn't though. It is that we saw it. That is why you can read the books and attend the classes and nothing changes. You have not had your insight.

Don't Be Afraid of Your Emotions

I invite you to read this post with an open mind and clear heart. I am writing to share how I see the world uniquely, what I can see that is hidden in the soft edges of “being-ness.”


In this very moment, energy is flowing through and about you, as you continue to read. But how do we experience it? In what mechanism does it express itself? How can we confidently say, yes energy is happening to me right now?

What if it could be easy?

What if it could be easy?

Since the dawn of time there has been a natural way in which the living things on this planet not only thrive, but also glow. Flower grows strong rooted by the Earth, crystal cave glows by aid of the sun, waterfall flows with the pumping of the river and cub becomes mighty bear with the fruits of the forest. The former statements, all seemingly unrelated actually have a fundamental thing in common; they are only vitalized by the aid of something other than itself.