Throughout my career in both business and coaching, I’ve developed tools and techniques that have helped my clients – and many others – experience transformation in their business and personal lives. It’s my pleasure to share them with you here in my ebook, The Magic of Connection.

The Magic of Connection

The Magic of Connection — Master Sales from the Inside Out guides you on a new path to effectiveness in life and business by changing the way you think and operate. Based on the Three Principles, I provide an approach to sales that is at once personal, pragmatic and magical.

Talented people often get held up in creating the life and business they want because of the difficulty they have with sales. But sales don’t have to be hard or painful. The Magic of Connection guides you in reframing your sales philosophy, beginning with sincere connection. Topics include:

  • How to make a breakthrough in your understanding of sales
  • Why making a connection is key to sales
  • The power of setting an intention, and how that intention impacts the fields you share with other people
  • The reality behind making an offer and setting an agreement
  • The pragmatics of sales and performing recurrent actions
  • The truth about follow-up and rejection

I’ve tested these tools and techniques firsthand. They provide a proven approach to help you boost your business and reach your goals.

The Magic of Connection

12 Simple Truths

I believe you’re here for a reason – and that you’ve come to the right place. Download my 12 Simple Truths to discover how to live according to your unique design.

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12 Simple Truths

Speaking of Connection

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