The Season of Giving

The Season of Giving

The greatest gift I have been given is the understanding of how the human mind works. Sydney Banks had two insights and shared them with the world. These insights became known as the Three Principles. Somehow his understanding found its way to me. 10 plus years ago I sat in a marketing program and a woman by the name of Christine Manchime shared them with me.

For the past 10 years I have been looking at his insights to see what I could see. In November I had the honor of taking a class by Ken Manning and Robin Charbit, called Invisible Power. These men bring a new understanding of how the mind works to corporations. They work with companies to solve their intractable problems.

Through this class I saw this understanding at a deeper level and my desire to share it with others expanded.

I am humbled to share this understanding with anyone at any time. When people open up to this way of thinking I watch them calm down allowing the intelligence that lives in them space to bloom. I watch my clients cut the fish net of their thinking away and flow into their life with grace and ease. Anxiety and fear that once gripped them melts like butter.

My clients drop the struggle and wait for wisdom to guide them. They step into their power and what once looked like brave conversations are now merely simple chats. I watch my clients make what would appear to be a radical change in their career, but for them it feels like a simple step in another direction.

I am humbled to have been given such a gift. It has allowed me to see the perfect health in my daughter even when she struggled. It has allowed me to be present with my husband as he died. This understanding allowed me to navigate the world of my husband's dementia. It makes me feel grateful for my life, in all of it’s complexity and splendor.

I would love to share this understanding with you. I would love more people to experience the divinity inside of themselves and live a full beautiful life.  

Here is a great video to watch. You can read Sydney Banks books The Enlightened Gardener or The Missing Piece.

Or you can give me a call or get in touch.