From Inertia to Determination

From Inertia to Determination

I wrote about my love of the Gene Keys a few months ago. My passion and commitment to this work have deepened beyond my wildest imagination. My curiosity has me playing with this material for hours each day.

The Gene Keys, created by Richard Rudd, is a universal language comprising 64 genetic archetypes. This teaching has allowed me to re-envision myself and recreate my life in a way I couldn’t imagine.

I love sharing this work. If someone allows me to talk about the gene keys, I warn them I will go on and on and on.

Recently, a client hired me because she struggled with getting things done. I asked her to fill out a Gene Keys profile.  When I saw it, I understood why she falters.  She has the 9th Gene Key as her purpose. (To get your free profile, go to ) The 9th Gene Key has the shadow of inertia and the gift of determination.

Inertia is when we make things so complicated in our minds that we become overwhelmed by the task. I helped my client understand that inertia is part of her innate intelligence. There was nothing wrong. To activate the gift of determination, all she had to do was take the first step. Determination lived inside her, just like inertia. It is in her genetic makeup. What gets in the way of the gift is overthinking. Once overthinking stops, the action takes a life of its own.

I love the Gene Keys because I get to show people their genius. I get to show people their beauty. I get to show people their magnificence.

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