Nature as Our Teacher

Nature as Our Teacher

While I am working at my desk, I often look out the windows at my garden. I can see my white oakleaf hydrangea in one window and my blue hydrangea in the other.I often sit and stare at these plants. Recently, the white hydrangea has been covered in bees. Dozens of bees dance from leaf to leaf, landing gently on the white flower petals as the plant moves with the wind.

What I love about watching these bees is that they don’t seem to get freaked out or anxious about landing or taking off. They just do it. I am sure it must be easier to land when the petals are still but they seem to adjust and do what they need to do no matter what the prevailing conditions. They don’t need to have a plan or do practice runs. They don’t seem to call their bee friends and discuss how taxing it is when the wind comes up.

These bees are built to handle what comes their way. They adjust and flow with life. They don’t have to get psyched up to do what they need to do. They trust that they can hang upside down, sucking nectar, while the plant is moving. They know that they are designed for this.

Last winter, the blue hydrangea was cut back to sticks; there were barely even any leaves left on it. For the past several months, I have sat at my desk and watched through the window as slowly, over time, with watering, this plant began to extend its sticks and grow green leaves. From there it grew buds. These buds are now an explosion of blue balls of graceful petals, held up by now-leafy branches. It has re-grown into this full, beautiful, breathtaking plant.

The hydrangeas didn’t seem to worry about what was going to happen. They didn’t seem to get upset that they had lost all of their leaves and flowers. When it didn't seem that anything was going on, they didn’t seem to call themselves lazy or slovenly.

I also didn’t hear any side-talking going on between the hydrangeas. I didn’t hear them comparing themselves. One plant didn't think itself better than the other. Not a single one felt insecure because it had different-colored flowers.

The hydrangeas are both in a state of being.

They sit still and life happens. Not to them, but with them.

Nature is my teacher.

I have come to realize that when my thinking falls away, I am just like these two plants, and the bees that visit them. I am designed to handle whatever comes my way with grace, and I grow with life; life happens with me.

I am unique, special, and different from others around me, and I will grow in my own time.

When I settle into the truth of this knowing, I feel my being, and it feels beautiful.

If you would like to handle life with greater ease and grace, to feel your being and the beauty that comes from that. Call me.

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