Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert

When I work with clients, I ask them where they experience peace or wellbeing. In other words, where is their happy place? I’ve heard answers ranging from: on vacation, hiking in the Redwoods, at the beach, skiing, snowboarding, mornings with their kids, and many other wonderful things. For me, it is when I clean my house.

When I reach for a broom, I feel the wood handle in my hands and as I begin to sweep, a sense of wellbeing washes over me. I feel like Pavlov’s dog.

Then I had my “ruiner” moment. In truth, I came across the best understanding in the world, The Three Principles.

The Principles pointed me to the nature of thought and its power. Thought is invisible. It is the power that allows formless energy to come into being, and thus create my own unique perspective. Thought becomes alive through my feeling of it. When I don’t have a lot of thoughts, I feel more of my pure energy which is peaceful and has a sense of wellbeing.

From this understanding, I came to see that what made sweeping so peaceful wasn’t the action of sweeping. I noticed, before I picked up a broom, that I would have buckets filled with thoughts: the worry of my kids, overwhelm of work, and a sick husband. When I swept, I noticed my thoughts quieted. I noticed I began to feel better as my thinking quieted down.

It is that simple.

What was also interesting, the more I saw this, the more it didn’t make sense for my thinking to spin like a washing machine anymore. Now I clean because I like a clean house – not because it is going to make me feel better. I can have that same experience when I work on my taxes, write this blog, or am navigate the bureaucracy of the healthcare system.

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I would love to share this understanding with you. As one of my clients said, this understanding saved his life. I know what he means. It saved my life.