Clarity is a Superpower

Clarity is a Superpower

Clarity is a superpower. It’s also our birthright.

We all have different degrees of clarity. I can think I’m clear, and then see things even clearer. What distorts my clarity is my thinking and how I automatically perceive things.

Clarity is a feeling. Clarity gives us a knowingness which is different from thinking or figuring something out. We’ve all had an experience where we just know what to do. It’s as simple as knowing that you’re hungry or thirsty. Our bodies will give us a very clear message about knowing what to do. It’s a feeling and you have to stay connected to it. It’s not in our conscious control. The knowingness and the clarity will produce thought but that’s different than the pinball thinking that we can have.

I had a really powerful experience. For two years I’ve been struggling with keeping the tube attached to the vent on my clothes dryer. I was proud of myself for finally figuring out a solution: I taped the tube to the dryer vent so it would stay snug and not fall off. Recently it fell out again, I kept trying to reattach it, but it wasn’t staying. I was starting to get frustrated, and I wasn’t seeing things clearly. So I walked away from it.

The next morning I sat and looked and the vent and the tube. At that moment I saw very clearly that I had put the whole tube on backwards. I laughed my ass off. The minute I switched it around, it fit perfectly.

With that simple experience, I saw the power of clarity and the levels of clarity that we can have. When I was putting tape on, I thought that was a great idea. I saw the next level of clarity, I saw exactly what to do, and it was simple and easy. When it’s simple and easy, that’s when I know that I’m at my clearest.

This is an invitation for folks to get curious about clarity. What does it feel like? Can you remember a time of knowingness and what it felt like? Can you experience how clear it is and how simple?

If you’d like to work with me closely on finding clarity, please don’t hesitate to reach out.