Feeling Stuck? Change it Now

Feeling Stuck? Change it Now

Feeling Stuck? Change it now.

A lot of people come to me because they are stuck in their career and they think that there’s something wrong with where they are. It’s kind of like having an orange, but thinking it should be a lemon.  And being pissed off and upset that you don't have a lemon. A lot of the people that come to me think there is something wrong with the current career situation they are in. That there is something better out there and they’d be so much happier if they were doing it.   

I get approached by people that want a career that's meaningful and purposeful. To get my clients unstuck, the first thing I have them do is recognize that they are experiencing life through their own thoughts. A foundation for this is the three principles: Mind, Consciousness and Thought as taught by Sydney Banks. You can read more about this *here> , or, be in touch for more about these principles and how they can help you. The three principles show that we have experiences by our thinking. Rather than experiencing my career, I’m experiencing my thinking of it.

Remember: YOU give meaning to things that YOU do. It’s not necessarily the career that’s meaningful, but the way you think about it, that gives it meaning.

When my clients have an understanding of this, there is more room to enjoy their current situations. When we view our lives and careers this way, we have the opportunity to bring what we’ve always wanted to our current situation.  It takes off the table that we have to find meaningful and purposeful work because, in a sense you already have it! If we understand that anything can be meaningful and purposeful, then we know to build off of what we already have going and make meaningful changes from there. If we move from a place of joy and satisfaction, we can more easily bring joy and satisfaction with new changes and opportunities.

Recently I was coaching a woman who thought she was in the wrong career. She was looking for a meaningful and purposeful career. She kept thinking it was her job that was the problem. When we got down to the core of it, we found that the foundation she wanted to her professional work was to see people’s gifts and connect people. Now, she could see people’s gifts and connect people at anytime, regardless of her title. Some jobs would allow her to do that more, but it was always available. A job would be meaningful and rich if she engaged her energy and mood to see this availability in the moment.

Now, once she had her thoughts straightened out about what she really wanted out of career, she began to embody and act on it. Then, she began to move from that place, and pursue and act on opportunities, instead of feeling stuck. She began to move towards the shift in career that she really wanted.

Whether or not your job title changes, you can begin to make internal changes. You can change your focus and your energy, and the rest will follow. It can be easy to change your career if you don’t overthink it. Instead, work with the foundation of your truest desire here and now.

If you’d like to spark up a conversation regarding feeling more fulfilled and unstuck in your career, give me a call.